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CompTIA 220-701 Study Guide

An external hard drive would normally use what external ports? (Select TWO).
An eSata port
A USB port
A RAID controller is required to perform what?
Create a striped set with two or more drives.
Broadband type that can provide the MOST available bandwidth
Network type that is the LEAST susceptible to EMI and RFI issues
Limitation of satellite broadband
Requires line of sight
Network cable a technician would find on the RJ-45 connector
Ethernet cable
Wireless technology standard that has the SHORTEST indoor range
When a PC is turned on, what tests the CPU, memory, chipset, video adapter, disk controllers,
disk drives, and keyboard?
Keyboard errors are MOST often caused by (Select TWO).
Jammed keys
Defective cables
The user boots their computer in the morning to discover the message OS not found . What would recover from that error without data loss?
Insert the system boot disk and repair the operating system.
The on-site technician is asked to load a copy of the company s purchased software on a personal computer. The technician should FIRST:
verify the install is allowed under the company's licensing agreements.
A user needs to access a secure website behind a firewall. What would get the user into the website?
A user wants to try a live version of another operating system that is on a DVD. In order to use this, the user must do what?
Ensure the DVD-ROM is placed first in the boot priority.
The user reports to the help desk that a UPS trips the internal circuit breaker each time the laser printer is powered on. The technician should do what?
Move the printers power cable to a surge only socket.
Printer type that requires the use of special paper to print
Commands that will take a FAT32 file system and make it an NTFS file system
During a laptop start up, a technician is able to see the Windows splash screen as the OS loads. Shortly after reboot, the technician experiences a black screen. The technician can plug in an external monitor and the display works correctly. What is a MOST likely cause of the display issue
The function key needs to be pressed to toggle monitors
A user is attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi hot-spot at a local coffee shop where the user connects every
weekend. The user is receiving the message, no wireless devices detected , but other users in the coffee shop can connect. What is the MOST probable cause of this issue?
The wireless switch on the side of the laptop is turned off.
Listed in the control panel of a Windows 7 PC
Device Manager
A technician is having trouble closing a running program that is no longer responding. What will allow the technician to end the process?
Task Manager
A help desk technician receives a phone call from a user reporting a computer problem. During the phone call, the user starts a conversation with the technician asking detailed information about personnel in upper management. The technician then asks the users name again, after which the user promptly hangs up. What attack did the technician experience?
Social engineering attack
The BEST choice for printing on multi-part forms
Impact printer
A customer is experiencing unusual problems with a printer due to voltage fluctuations in the wall outlet. What should be used to eliminate the fluctuations?
A customer with a laptop frequently goes into the office to work. However, the laptop only has two USB ports, and they are unable to connect their keyboard, mouse, monitor and scanner at the same time. What device would BEST address this issue?
Docking station
MAXIMUM partition size of the FAT32 file system
A user reports that they are suddenly unable to print to a network printer. It was working fine yesterday. The technician can ping the users workstation and the printer. The technician can also print a test page from another workstation. What is the MOST likely cause of the problem?
The printer is no longer the users default printer.
In regards to computer case form factors, which provides the MOST room for effective cooling
RAID arrays that does only striped volumes
A Windows XP workgroup computer can have up to how many concurrent connections?
10 or fewer
Broadcast address
Command line path that shows the recovery console's installation
D:\i386\winnt32 /cmdcons
A duplexer unit has been added to an existing laser printer. The printer prints normally but it will not print on both sides of the paper. What is the FIRST action a technician should take when addressing this issue?
Check the configuration settings of the printer for duplex enabled.
Malicious software type that will create multiple pop-ups on a computer
A technician's company prints forms on multi-layer carbonless copy paper. When asked to replace the printer, what printing technology will allow the technician to continue to use the company's copy
Dot Matrix
Before implementing a potential solution to a problem, what should be done?
Perform a system backup
Broadband technology that allows for communication across the FARTHEST distance
Cable that has the LONGEST viable length
The PCIe 8x video card in a PC workstation has failed and there are no empty PCIe slots available. The only replacement card is not the same model. What will work in place of the original?
PCIe 4x
Protocol that uses port 3389, by default
Cable rating that should be used in air handling spaces
MOST accurately describes the relationship between ATX and micro-ATX boards
Both ATX and micro ATX boards will fit in an ATX case.
MOST common port to configure for an external modem
Bus slots that provide the HIGHEST potential performance for a video card
Voltages supplied to a drive on a standard Molex connector
5v and 12v
After a technician physically installs a bar code reader, the NEXT step is
Program the reader to recognize the required code systems.
Dissipate heat MOST efficiently
Liquid cooling systems
Area that allows a user to switch the left and right button commands
Button tab in the mouse properties
Valid motherboard memory slot type
MOST important consideration when installing Windows 7 64-bit
Processor type
Default port for RDP
Connector types typically used on LCD displays (Select TWO).
Advantage that a USB mouse has over a PS/2 mouse
A USB mouse is hot swappable
True of IPv6 addresses
They represent addressing using 128-bits.
During start up, the technician notices a repeating error just before the login screen. What built-in utilities would the technician use to quickly identify the problem?
Default data rate of USB 2.0
Wireless technology that has the FASTEST transfer rate
IEEE 802.11n
Recommended method for cleaning the screen of a computer monitor or laptop screen
Dry lint-free cloth
Example of a valid IPv4 address for assignment to a network host
Valid IPv6 address for assignment to a TCP/IP workstation
A technician installs Microsoft Windows to a computer with three internal SATA hard drives and an external USB hard drive. Hard drive 1 contains the operating system. Hard drive 2 contains the user profiles. Hard drive 3 and the external USB hard drive are empty. In what locations should the page file be located to maximize performance?
Internal SATA Hard Drive 3
Service that processes print requests and sends them to the printer
Print Spooler
A user needs to print to a printer. They have a laptop with Windows 7. The printer has a USB and an Ethernet connector. What is the EASIEST way to connect the laptop to the printer?
Use the USB connector.
Unique characteristic of a dual-core processor vs. a single-core processor
A dual-core processor has two cores, with separate caches, on the same physical chip.
Difference between the clock speed and the bus speed of a CPU
The clock speed is the internal speed of the CPU.
Provides high speed or broadband networking at speeds over 384kbps using phone
A technician is adding a company video from a video cassette to the company's website. What device should be used to complete this task?
Video capture card
80mm and 120mm are common sizes for what PC component
Case fans
Connection that must be paired FIRST with the device before use
Connector commonly used on a coaxial cable
Connector commonly used with two-pair UTP cable
A Windows XP computer, without a floppy drive, is producing a Non system disk error at startup. What Recovery Console commands could be used to correct this error?
Allows the use of BitLocker if the computer does not have a TPM chip
USB key
A technician takes notes while a customer explains the potential issue. What part of the troubleshooting process does this represent?
Identify the problem
Memory type that fits in a 168-pin DIMM slot
An AMR slot is generally used with what interface card type?
Printer type that has the LOWEST cost per page
A customer reports that their laptop is unable to print a document from a word processing application. A
technician confirms that the printer settings are correct. What is the NEXT step?
Print a test page from Printer Properties
A client's spreadsheet is not printing all the columns. What can be done to fix this?
Change the document orientation in printing preferences
Used when cleaning up printer toner
Dry cloth and a paper bag
A user states that a bank employee called and asked to verify information about a relative s account (e.g. balance, address and telephone number). What is occurring in this scenario?
Social engineering
The purpose of encryption
Prevents unauthorized users from viewing or reading data.
Encryption technologies: (Select TWO)
What should be performed during a hard drive replacement to BEST maintain data privacy?
Completely erase the old drive prior to disposal.
What should be included in a password to BEST prevent the password from being compromised?
Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters
What will allow a user account to logon to Microsoft Windows Vista when the Microsoft Windows Networking domain needs to be specified? (Select TWO).
Characteristics and port numbers associated with POP3
Receives inbound email, Port 110
Characteristics and port numbers associated with SMTP
Sends outbound email, Port 25
Secure socket layer communications take place on this port
The default port used for TELNET
The operation of mapping an IP address to a host name is handled by
Memory slot used in a laptop
Advantage of HDMI over DVI
Transmits audio and video
Optical media that has the GREATEST storage space
A user reports that their last several jobs have not printed, even though other users can print. In what location should the technician look FIRST?
The computers print queue
A new device is installed on a machine and some of its features are not working correctly. What should be updated?
Default location for 32-bit applications when installed on Windows 7 64-bit
C:\Program Files (x86)\
Advantage of NTFS over FAT32
File encryption support
Occurs during POST
RAM check
Assuming the Windows XP installation disc is in the CD drive, Recovery Console can be run in what way?
Booted from installation disc
The MOST appropriate question to ask a customer first when attempting to troubleshoot an input device over the phone
Can you describe the steps you have taken?
Protocol that uses port 143 by default
Protocols that uses port 443 by default
IP addresses is in a class B range
Used to record off-air TV programs
Capture card
Commonly used for RS-232 connections
A user reports that their laptop cannot connect to the wireless network. What is the FIRST step the technician should take to resolve this problem?
Check that the WiFi switch is enabled on the laptop.
A technician observes that the lights in a customer's building flicker periodically during the course of the day. What should the technician recommend to protect the customer's equipment?
A technician on a service call is dealing with a furious customer who is shouting loudly. The technician cannot calm the customer down. What should the technician do NEXT?
Leave the customer site and document the incident.
A technician wants to prevent anyone from logging into a computer that is running in a common area unless they are authorized. The technician has locked the case. What actions should the technician take NEXT to prevent access?
Create user accounts for only the authorized users.
A private IP address
Which of the following is correct about IPv6?
Both IPv6 and IPv4 can exist on the same network.
A users laptop has a PATA controller. The user wishes to add a SATA hard drive for storage. What would be the BEST method to solve this issue?
Use an external USB enclosure.
Used when cleaning toner inside a laser printer
Rubber gloves
A user is trying to use their laptop with a video projector and cannot get the projector to display the computer screen. The technician should FIRST try
Toggle the function key for the display in the laptop keyboard.
Characterized by the creation of a secure tunnel into a known server location
MAXIMUM number of primary partitions that can exist on a physical hard drive
A user is unable to login to their laptop when away from the office. What is the MOST likely reason?
The users domain login credentials need to be cached.
Type of connector is required for a coaxial network cable
While checking the print queue, a technician determines that a print job at the top of the queue requires a paper size not loaded in the printer. What is the BEST option to get the other print jobs to print until the issue can be resolved?
Lower the priority of the jammed print job.
The BEST way to fix a CRT monitor that has suffered from magnetic interference
Perform a degauss.
A technician needs to upgrade several Windows XP Professional 64-bit computers to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. The technician wants to retain the user settings. The technician perform should
Upgrade the 64-bit Windows XP Professional to 64-bit Windows VISTA Professional, and then upgrade the
64-bit Windows VISTA Professional to 64-bit Windows 7 Professional.
Connector that allows both audio and video to pass through them
A user open a .zip file in Windows 7 by
Double click the .zip file
A user is attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi hot-spot at a local coffee shop where the user connects every weekend. The user is receiving the message, no wireless devices detected, but other users in the coffee shop can connect. The MOST probable cause of this issue is
The wireless switch on the side of the laptop is turned off.
A private IP address
Standard SMTP port
MINIMUM amount of hard disk space required to install Windows 7
Example of a biometric identifier
Service that assigns IP addresses automatically when requested by the client
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Default port for HTTPS
Drive connections that use a ribbon cable with a 40-pin connector
BEST way to provide power to a laser printer
Directly to a grounded wall outlet
A technician observes that the lights in a customers building flicker periodically during the course of the day. To protect the customer's equipment the technician should recommend
Correct connector for an internal floppy drive
34-pin ribbon
A user reports that video is not displayed when their laptop is powered on. What should be performed after verifying the power and charging indicators are lit?
Attach an external monitor and check for video.
MINIMUM number of PS/2 cables required to configure the computers, including
the keyboard and mouse
A user downloads and installs software which sends a list of their recently visited websites to a server on the Internet without their knowledge. What BEST describes this situation?
Speeds supported by PC3200 memory
400MHz, 333MHz, and 266MHz
A user reports that their workstation is having trouble connecting to the Internet. What should the technician do FIRST to begin troubleshooting the issue?
Identify any changes the user may have made.
MAXIMUM speed limit on RAMBUS
An internal SCSI cable is generally used with what devices
Tape drives
Hard drives
A Windows directory is also referred to as a:
Device that can be used to setup a WAN
Form factor of a VGA connector
15-pin D shell
A remote user is disconnected from the network for long periods of time and does not have a local printer. The laptop is configured to queue up the print jobs when the computer is connected to the network. Once plugged into the network, the user cannot print and the print jobs seem to be stuck in the queue. What needs to be done so the user can print?
Set the printer to work online
Allows the use of Bit Locker if the computer does not have a TPM chip
USB key
MOST secure wireless security technique
Enable Wi-Fi Protected Access
Media that has the LARGEST potential storage capacity
BEST describes a network of computers inside a house that communicate with each other but not with computers outside of the house
Command used to establish a connection to a remote computer
An advantage of a 64-bit processor versus a 32-bit processor
A wider data path to handle program execution
BEST example of a strong password
Memory type with a clock speed of 400MHz
MAXIMUM recommended cable length for connecting USB devices
5 meters (16 feet)
MAXIMUM theoretical range of Bluetooth Class 2
10 meters (33 feet)
A technician wants to setup a network printer on a print server to default to duplex printing for all users. What action will allow default duplex printing?
Configure settings through the printers web interface.
Correct progression of video quality from lowest to highest
Composite, S-Video, Component
Allows a user to permanently disable a hardware device
Device Manager
Feature of Windows 7 that is not in Windows Vista
Application Dock
Standard connector for an external SCSI device
BEST represents a clean installation of Windows XP
An installation with no existing operating system.
An installation where the previous operating system is not preserved.
Cable type that supports a transmission speed no greater than 100 Mbps per the IEEE specification
RAM type used to resolve certain memory errors
A first level help desk support technician receives a call from a customer and works with the customer to resolve the call for several minutes unsuccessfully. The technician should NEXT
Escalate the call to another technician.
IP address in a class A range
Must be performed when installing a touch screen
Cable type required for a BNC connector
A user reports that when trying to input data using a touch screen, items other than the ones being touched are displayed. The FIRST action to take
Ensure the user has calibrated the screen.
Memory modules that uses a 240-pin connector
Chipsets responsible for controlling the data flow between the RAM and the processor
Most effective use of clusters on a hard drive is in what file system?
Chipset used by the CPU to communicate with the system memory
A technician is installing an old Windows 2000 application on a Windows 7 workstation. To allow the application to be installed correctly
Install in compatibility mode
Protocol that uses port 443, by default
Storage resource that gives the ability to hold the LARGEST amount of data
DLT tape
Printer that needs a fuser installed
Protocol associated with the following TCP or UDP port numbers, in order? 21, 23, 25, 69, 443
BEST option to optimize a computer that is heavily used
Command that can be used to verify the gateway IP address on a local computer
Data connector that SATA uses
MAXIMUM partition size of a hard drive using the FAT32 file system in Windows XP?
To protect exposed hardware from ESD a technician should
Touch a piece of metal to discharge any static electricity.
Multiple users report that the network color printer is not printing in color, but only in monochrome. The
technician knows the print server had maintenance done over the weekend that included driver updates. The NEXT action would be to:
check the printer properties on the server
Adapter type that provides the BEST performance for high end graphics?
A technician has determined that there is constant interference from other wireless devices over the wireless network. What should the technician do FIRST to resolve the problem?
Change the channel being used by the wireless router.
BEST way to ensure that a hard drive is secure for disposal?
Magnetically erase the drive.
Example of DDR2 RAM
NEXT troubleshooting step is after determining the cause?
Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.
PC2700 memory runs at what clock speed?
A user reports that their computer seems to be running slow and frequently reboots on its own. What is the FIRST thing the technician should check to address this issue?
Check for newly installed software on the system
Setting an administrator password in the BIOS will accomplish what?
Prevent a user from rearranging boot devices
Technology that BEST refers to simultaneous data transfer in both directions
A technician has a customer with a Windows 7 Home Basic machine who wants to play movies through the Media Center program. To allow this to happen the technician should
Upgrade the system to Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.
A laptop docking station enables a user to
Connect and use multiple peripherals from one device
Which operating systems use the c:\WINNT\ directory?
Windows 2000
The highest quality video will generally be obtained using what connector type?
Fingerprint readers are an example of which of the following security technologies?
A new printer driver has just been installed on a desktop computer. The correct location to find the Print Test Page button is
The General tab of the properties page of the printer
Cable type required to be fire-resistant and does not emit toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures
Reason for maintaining a system with a floppy drive
To recover archived data
MAXIMUM data rate of IEEE 1394
Enables a technician to easily identify a connection for each device
Cable management
Cable types that use shielding to protect against EMI and RFI
Example of EMI
Degraded LAN performance due to CAT5 and AC power cables in close proximity
Explains what the wattage rating of a power supply determines?
Number of potential internal drives
A technician finds the inside of a desktop computer completely covered in almost 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) of dust. What is the BEST solution to clean out the inside of the case?
Compressed air
802.11g has a MAXIMUM speed of up to:
Port that Windows Firewall would need to make an exception for in order to allow FTP access
The purpose of a monitors degauss feature
Removes stray magnetic fields
Property of a heat sink has the GREATEST affect on heat dispersion
Surface area
A user reports an unusual amount of spam in their inbox. The technician should advise the user to
Add the sender to the junk email sender list.
To perform a network installation of Windows, what MUST be supported by the computers network interface?
A technician attempts to install Windows XP on a new Windows Vista PC but gets an error stating that setup did not detect any valid hard disks. What is MOST likely the cause of this error?
Windows XP does not natively support SATA controllers.
Adapter card used for connecting external hard drives
BEST resolution setting for an application that requires a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
IEEE1394b is capable of transfer rates of up to:
Hardware card that allows the full functionality of the Windows XP Media Center radio option
TV tuner
A technician has installed a new driver on a computer. Upon rebooting the computer, a stop error occurs before the technician can log back in. What is the BEST option for the technician to do NEXT?
Boot the computer using Last Known Good Configuration.
Best practice when installing memory into a computer
Wear an anti-static wrist strap.
A technician is upgrading a desktop with the largest storage medium available. What drive is installed?
Magnetic storage drive
Memory modules that uses a 168-pin connector
Technology that has the HIGHEST potential throughput
Printouts from a printer are a random mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. What is MOST likely the cause of this problem?
The incorrect printer driver is installed.
Device that goes into an AGP slot on a computer system board
Video card
What should the technician verify FIRST if the customer reports that a laptop battery is not charging?
Check the power light on the AC adapter
Provides data redundancy by writing data to two disks simultaneously
A user reports a loud noise from their desktop PC. What would be suspected as a source? (Select TWO).
Cooling fan
Power supply
Can be hot-swappable
Hard drive
Adapter type that uses a RJ-45 connector
BEST port to use when adding a network printer in Windows XP
IP addresses a technician would see if a computer is connected to a network device but is not receiving an IP address from the DHCP server
BEST command to use when testing remote connectivity to a host
Can be disabled to help prevent access to a wireless network
SSID broadcast
Wireless protocols that requires the use of MIMO antennas
In the troubleshooting theory it is important to perform backups after
Identify the problem.
Device that will allow a technician to use a single set of input devices on several computers
Locations where a computer virus could exist and then further infect a computer: (Select TWO).
Boot sector of the hard drive
Optical media
A technician is trying to install an OS to a remote PC without the use of physical media. What is used to perform this task?
PXE boot environment
Has the LEAST amount of storage capacity
FDD (Floppy Disk Drive)
Volts used by a 400GB IDE hard disk drive with a Molex connector
Cable type that uses an RJ-45 connector, and would MOST commonly be used in an environment with high EMI or RFI
Function of a power inverter
Converts AC to DC
Locations that will allow a user to change the Windows Vista Start Menu to resemble the Windows XP Start Menu
Right-click Start Menu/Properties/Start Menu tab
Printer type that requires the use of toner
A user reports that their machine will not power up. The technician has already tested the wall outlet and the power cord, which are functioning properly. What should the technician do NEXT?
Test the machine with a power supply tester.
Cable type that uses an RJ-45 connector and is MOST commonly used in an Ethernet network
Native resolution of a WUXGA monitor
1920 X 1200
What should be replaced when performing laser printer preventative maintenance? (Select THREE).
Transfer bar
Pickup rollers
Boot devices a technician would use for RIS
The smallest unit of data that a Windows operating system can access is called a:
Provides the LOWEST level of wireless security protection
Disable SSID broadcast
A user reports their laptop has just been powered on and there is no display, but the power indicator is still on. The technician suspects that the laptop display is bad. What steps should be performed to confirm the display is bad?
Plug an external monitor into the video output port, and then Fn-toggle key several times.
Slot is used for a graphics card
Protocol that does not depend on acknowledgement of receipt from the sender
Video adapter that supports a potential MAXIMUM throughput of 4Gbps
Gateway for a computer with an IP address of and a subnet mask of
Feature in Windows Vista but not Windows XP
User account control
MAXIMUM data rate of IEEE 1394a
Communication device that needs to have a subscription to a service provider for Internet access
Cellular WAN
Social engineering
Entering a facility by posing as a telecommunications contractor
Utilizing a WSUS or testing new updates on a non-critical PC is an example of
Patch management
Number of concurrent connections a Windows XP computer have established at any given time
Port MOST likely used for high-end graphics cards
Indicated by repetitive flashing lights on a keyboard at POST
A hardware error
Why would the display dim on a laptop when the power supply from the electrical outlet is disconnected?
The power management settings on the laptop.
State that consumes the LEAST amount of power
Adapter card FASTEST for connecting an external hard drive
Purpose of thermal compound
To facilitate the transfer of heat from the CPU to the heat sink
Hyperthreading technology:
enables a processor to work with two independent computer instructions at once.
MOST secure method to use when setting up a wireless network
Configuration change a user can perform that will save the MOST energy
Let the system blank the screen after five minutes of inactivity
When installing a wireless keyboard and mouse, what should be installed in the laptop?
Describes a Quad Core processor
Four CPU cores operating off one CPU package.
Default port used for Telnet
MOST current memory type
During troubleshooting, the technician determines the cause of the problem. What is the NEXT step in the troubleshooting theory?
Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solutions.
Hard drive that would BEST meet the MINIMUM system requirements for installing Windows Vista Business 64-bit
40GB HDD with 15GB free space
Command used to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server
ipconfig /renew
MOST secure way to destroy sensitive data
Use a program that rewrites over the data several times.
Another name for an RS-232 connection
Printer that requires a specialized paper in order to operate
While changing a toner cartridge in a printer, a user spilled some toner. A technician noticed and offered to help clean it up. What tool would be MOST appropriate?
Computer vacuum
Common protocol used to send email
Dissipates heat and requires no moving parts
Heat sink
A system administrator has multiple computers, of the same make and model that will remotely turn on using Wake-On-LAN (WOL). All but two systems wake correctly. What is the MOST likely problem with the two systems?
WOL is not enabled in the BIOS.
BEST means of ensuring that data is not lost: (Select TWO).
Deploy a RAID system
Schedule regular system backups
Utility used for troubleshooting video issues
Cable type that can transmit data the LONGEST distance without the use of a repeater
A Windows XP computer, without a floppy drive, is producing a Non system disk error at startup. What Recovery Console command can be used to correct this error?
The portion of a disk or drive that contains the MBR is known as the:
boot sector
BEST describes the differences between a switch and a router
A switch interconnects devices on the same network to be able to communicate, where a router interconnects one or more networks.
Example of a Class C IP address
Wireless technology standard that has the GREATEST indoor range
A user reports that their computer is very loud and occasionally turns itself off. The computer is located under a desk on carpet. What steps should the technician perform to BEST remedy the situation? (Select TWO).
Remove the computer from the floor.
Clean the inside of the computer.
Wireless technology standard that can operate at a MAXIMUM of 11Mbps
When working within large computer networks, what are disadvantages of using NETBEUI over TCP/IP? (Select TWO).
NETBEUI is designed to be used on small size LANs.
NETBEUI is not a routable protocol.
Command prompt utility that displays the current version of Windows XP and any Service Packs that are installed
A technician determines through testing that their probable cause theory is correct. What is the NEXT step in the troubleshooting process?
Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem.
A technician dropped a screw in the case of a desktop computer. What tool should be used to retrieve the screws?
Plastic tweezers
Used to increase the efficiency in which programs execute
DDR3 chip memory module
Broadband technology that would typically have a different uplink and downlink speed
Maximum transmission speed rate of the USB 2.0 interface
A customer reports the printer has an error message showing on the display and the printer is not printing any of the jobs in the queue. The technician arrives and finds the printer is online but there are not any lights on the network card. The NEXT step to evaluate the problem is to:
cycle the power on the printer and observe the boot process.
*Unique video card interfaces: (Select TWO).
An outside user is attempting to access company secured files by collecting information during a phone conversation. What BEST describes this practice?
Social engineering
*Port that should be left open on the firewall to enable default Internet browsing
MOST important piece of information required for a wireless client to connect to a specific wireless network
Channel number
Keys is used to change laptop hardware settings
Log files that reference third party software specific error messages
Application Logs
MAXIMUM supported amount of RAM for Windows XP Home
Controls the connections between the processor and the AGP slot on a motherboard
When a user was installing a new program, the computer suddenly restarted. Now when the computer starts, it gets partially through the boot process, then reboots. What is the QUICKEST method to get the computer running without losing any of the users data?
Boot using Last Known Good Configuration
A user has a docking station at work, but now wants to take their laptop home. What feature would a technician use to allow this?
Hardware Profiles
A user reports that they walked away from their laptop for 30 minutes and when they came back the screen was very dim. The user tried moving the mouse and increasing the brightness setting, but neither worked. What should the technician do FIRST?
Check if the laptop is now on battery power.
Connector is used for musical equipment
A customer states their computer was fine until yesterday when they heard a pop noise and the computer stopped working. What component should the technician test FIRST?
Power supply
MINIMUM available hard drive space requirement for installing Windows XP Professional
BEST explains the concept of hyperthreading
Allows two program threads to be processed by a single processor simultaneously
Utility that can be used to view the start-up programs
Setting on a CRT monitor that is often adjusted when a user reports headaches
Refresh rate
A user running Windows XP reports that their computer has not been printing any subsequent documents since a printer jam occurred earlier that day. The printer is now working normally for other users. Before rebooting the computer, what is the FIRST step the technician should take?
Restart the print spooler service.
Network class that exists if the default subnet mask is
Computing techniques that limit the vulnerability of a system to infection by a virus: (Select TWO).
Update antivirus signatures on a daily basis
Automatically update the operating system
BEST example of social engineering
A caller pretending to be an administrator to acquire a password
Programs that run when the Windows OS starts are stored in which of the following registry hives?
Which of the following is an advantage of LCD monitors over CRT monitors?
LCD monitors weigh less than similar-sized CRT monitors.
Within MSCONFIG, where is the System Restore button located?
The customer calls a technician and informs them that their keyboard was cleaned with a solution, and now their fingers sting. Where would the technician or medical personnel find information about the substance on the keyboard?
The facilities department of the company
A small shock of electricity transferred from a computer or other electronic component to a person is known as
Utility that should be run prior to switching a system from Windows XP to Windows Vista
Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
During troubleshooting, the technician establishes a theory of probable cause. What is the NEXT step?
Test the theory to determine cause.
The FIRST step in the troubleshooting theory
Identify the problem.
Components included in a typical laser printer maintenance kit: (Select THREE).
Paper pickup rollers
Transfer roller
MOST common use of a cable with an RJ-11 connector
A downloadable game that is actually a program used to steal information is an example of:
a Trojan
The on-site technician is asked to load a copy of the companys purchased software on a personal computer. The technician should FIRST:
verify the install is allowed under the companys licensing agreements
A user receives an email stating that the user has won a lottery. The user is asked to send their address, phone number and bank account number so that the winning funds can be deposited directly into the users account. This is an example of:
social engineering
Traditional hard disk drives use what storage technology
Storage type that has no movable parts
RAM amount that is the MINUMUM system requirement for Windows XP 32- bit
Utility a technician can use to stop unwanted programs from loading at startup
Cable types rated for Gigabit Ethernet: (Select TWO).
After the BIOS message disappears, what would a technician press to boot a PC into Safe Mode?
Press F8
Utility that can be scheduled to run on boot to verify file system integrity
MOST common way to cool a CPU
Heat sink
A user has reported that their computer is not working. The user cannot properly explain the computers problem. What action should the technician take NEXT in order to resolve the situation?
Ask simple questions to further identify the issue.
If a printer fails to print very large documents but prints smaller documents without issue, FIRST
Add additional memory to the printer.
Standard that supports speeds of up to 480Mbps
USB 2.0
A 2032 CMOS battery MOST often found in
Potential sources of EMI: (Select TWO).
Strong magnets
AC power runs
An end user reports that their computer is making noise constantly. The technician notes that the hard drive activity light is on frequently. The technician finds plenty of free space on the drive. What BEST explains why the drive light is continuously active?
The system has a fragmented hard drive.
What can a technician do to optimize an infrared connection between a laptop and a printer? (Select TWO).
Shorten the distance
Maintain a clear line of sight
Sections of the registry in Windows that contain system, software, device and user information are called:
Cable type characterized by a twist-on BNC type connector
Protocol that uses port 21
Device used to connect to a WAN
A helpdesk phone support technician is finding it difficult to understand a customer due to their heavy accent. What action should the technician take NEXT to help the customer resolve their problem?
Repeat back to the customer what they heard as the problem.
RAM type a laptop uses
Printer type that uses a charged corona wire in the printing process
Network classes if the default subnet mask is
RAID level that uses striping across three or more disks with parity
A customer reports that while attempting to print a document it seems to queue up fine, but the printer does not print the job. What might be the cause?
A print job is waiting in the print queue.
A print job fails to leave the queue. What service may need to be restarted?
Print Spooler
A technicians company prints forms on multi-layer carbonless copy paper. When asked to replace the printer, what printing technology will allow the technician to continue to use the company's copy paper?
Dot Matrix
A customers computer crashes consistently when a specific application is launched. The technician has looked at the computer and confirmed the cause of the crash. What troubleshooting step should the technician should takeNEXT?
Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem.
Programs that can be scheduled to delete unwanted compressed old files
Disk Cleanup
Chipset is responsible for controlling the data flow between a PATA optical drive and the processor
A KVM will allow the user to:
connect multiple computers to save on resources.
Bus slot is in a laptop
A technician is called to a school lab to fix a computer. The computer worked fine the day before, but now does not power on. The computer is plugged into a power strip with another computer. The other computer works fine. What could be the problem? (SELECT TWO).
The power cable is unplugged from the computer.
The voltage switch on the computer is set incorrectly.
The FASTEST cache in a computer is:
Uses pair authentication to provide a wireless connection between two devices
What should a technician be cautious of when removing a fuser from a printer that has been recently operational?
The fuser being hot
Helps dissipate heat through the heat sink when upgrading a CPU
Thermal compound
Accommodates the installation of an upgraded video card (Select TWO).
A technician has replaced a memory stick in a computer. After the operating system starts to boot, the computer displays a BSOD. What is the MOST likely cause?
The memory is not seated properly
MOST secure form of wireless security
The process of a virus or worm copying itself, then propagating to multiple systems is known as:
User replaceable memory in a computer system
Computers should NEVER be placed on
A user needs to transfer numerous personal financial documents from an existing hard drive to a new hard drive. What should the technician perform?
Copy all data over without viewing them
BEST describes a situation that would require STP cable
Installation in an area with high EMI
Connector MOST commonly used for POTS lines
Difference between a Cellular WAN and a WLAN card
A Cellular WAN card requires subscription to a cellular provider, while a WLAN card can work without
provider payment.
A technician has rebooted a PC, and the machine has paused on a black screen with a white blinking
underscore on the top left of the screen. Which of the following is the MOST likely problem?
Boot order
SCSI uses what connector type?
Device MOST likely to require a serial adapter to be installed on a modern PC
External modem
An end user reports that their laptop cannot access the wireless network. The user had access to the network yesterday, before taking the laptop out of the office. What is the MOST likely reason for the connection problem?
The user turned the wireless switch off.
A technician would like to rebuild the MBR without reinstalling Windows. What recovery option would be used to build a new MBR?
Recovery Console
A technician notices that there are two appointments scheduled for the same time. What should the technician do to resolve the issue?
Call one of the clients and apologize, then reschedule
Wireless technology standard that can operate at either 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies
Protocol commonly used for Windows Remote Desktop
Ports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol uses
Log files that references Windows specific errors
System Logs
Function of the PS/2 port
Connection of a keyboard or mouse
The PING command can be used to determine: (Select TWO).
If there is connection to a specified IP address
The response time of the connection to a specific IP address
Enabled on a router to allow specific devices to connect to the Internet
MAC filtering
A technician has been taken to a users desk to resolve a problem. The users desk is covered with papers and it is obvious to the technician that these papers are of a confidential nature. Which of the following is the BEST course of action?
Ask the user to clear the desk of the confidential papers.
The NEXT step in the troubleshooting theory after identifying the problem
Establish a theory of probable cause
Number of devices that can be daisy-chained to an IEEE 1394 port
A customer reports that their computer is displaying operating system not found while booting. The technician confirms that the computer booted fine the previous day and that no devices were added. The technician also confirms that no software changes were made to the system from the previous day. What is the problem?
A diskette was placed in the disk drive.
Digital audio-only formats: (Select TWO).
Wireless technology standards that can operate at a MAXIMUM of 54Mbps: (Select TWO).
After verifying full system functionality, what should a technician do NEXT when troubleshooting a problem?
Document findings, actions, and outcomes.
A user notices that the battery light on the laptop is flashing when the laptop is on a docking station. What should the technician perform FIRST?
Reseat in the docking station
Explains a yellow exclamation point next to a device in the Device Manager
A usable driver could not be installed for this device.
Corrupt Windows XP system files are keeping a PC from booting. What is the BEST option to resolve this issue?
Recovery Console
Occurs by default when a file is copied from a CD-ROM to a folder on an NTFS partition
The file inherits the permissions of the folder it is copied to.
BEST describes attempts to guess a password by trying possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols
Brute force
A new video card requires a 600 watt power supply. The power supply should have how many pins on the main cable?