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Essential AP World Terms that cover the post-classical era across Europe and Russia.

476 C.E.

Fall of Roman Empire due to: P,E,S turmoil and Germanic and Hun invasion


Controlled East + West Europe; Moved Capital from Byzantium to Constaniople


Byzantine ruler that unified East w/ Justinian's Law Code o/ Body of Law

Haga Sophia

Church of Holy Wisdom (Christian then converted to a mosque)


Original capital of the Byzantine empire. Byzantium---Constaniople---Istanbul

Split in Christianity

201-202 C.E. Usage of Icons: West (suffering), East (suffering aftermath) priest marriage

1453 C.E.

Fall of Byzantine Empire from Poli., Ottoman invasions

Cyril and Methodius

Byzantine missionaires that used Slavik translations for Orthodox Christian conversion (Cyrilic alphabet)


Russian city founded by a Scandonavian; Where Kiev Rus establishes Russian empire


1st Russian monarch (855 C.E) Polythesitic

Prince Vladimir I

Anti-Pope involvement w/ Pope, Converts to Orthodox Christianity

Russian Orthodox

Russian form of Christianity imported from Byzantine empire and combined w/ local religion


Russian aristrocats

Kievan Rus Decline

Mongol (Tar Tars) invasion ruled for 200 yrs. w/ Russian puppet leaders for tribute

3 Romes

1st Rome= Rome, 2nd Rome=Byzantium, 3rd Rome= Russia

Middle Ages

European Period btwn. Fall of Rome and 15th century (including Renissance and Reformation)


manorialism-lord protects servants in different land regions


King of Germanic Tribe converts to Christianity


Royal House of Franks

Charles Mantel/ Battle of Tours

Battle btwn Franks and Muslims for France, Frank victory led to development of France


Carolingian ruler established empire in Germany and France; death=decline

William the Conqueror/ Battle of Hastings

Fought on 14 October 1066, between the forces of William 'the Conqueror', Duke of Normandy and King Harold II of England led to Norwegian rule of England

Magna Carta

document that limited monarchy (King John II) led to Parliment

100 Years Of War

England vs. France power struggle

Pope Urban II

Called 1st Crusade in 1095 C.E, appealed to Christians to fight against Muslims for Holy Land

Thomas Aquiarius

advocate for learning in Middle Ages, taught at the University of Paris


Medieval philosophy based early support for universities, and logical thought to solve religious problems


Style of Cathedral, New Architechture

Black Death

(1347-1353)infect rats + fleas from trade cargo ships killed 1/3 of Europe's pop. came back until 18th century


Origin: Stepps, Central Asia nomadic tribes that destroy vital lands-Balkans spread from China

Basil II

Byzantine "Soldier King" that reconquered Balkans from Huns and invented the catapult


Byzantine capital located in Turkey to avoid Hun invasion; 1453 C.E conquered by Ottomans=Istanbul


common era replacement for A.D. (christ's after death)

1054 C.E.

Great Schism - Christianity split into Roman Catholicism and Christian Orthodox

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