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ERSC Midterm 2


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Each Canadian uses an average of ____ liters of water per day
Inventor of Geologic Time
James Hutton
Inventor of Superposition
Nicholas Steno
2 forms of unconformities are
Erosion, Non-Deposition
Index fossils are described as
The Best
Uranium is a ____________ material
The best crystals for radioactive dating are
Zircon crystals
The salinity of the oceans is
Earth is how old?
4.6 billion years
Ediacaran era is the
Earth's SURFACE absorbs more Short or Long Wave Solar Radiation?
Short Wave (long waves are absorbed by CO, CO2, and H2Ov)
Percentage of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere is
Keep climate warming less than ______ by the year _______
2 degrees, 2030
Each person on average produces how much CO2 per year?
16 tons
How much CO2 is produced by
What was the earliest plant life on Earth?
Stromatolites (3.6 Ga)
Why is the Ediacaran Fauna significant?
Earliest Animal Life
When was the Ediacaran Fauna?
600 Ma
In the End Permian extinction, what percentage of marine life died?
In the End Permian extinction, what percentage of terrestrial life died?
In the End Permian extinction, what percentage of insects died?
What was the most famous extinction?
5 living fossils:
Sharks, Turtles, Stromatolites, Phosphatic Brachiopods, Calcitic Brachiopods
Carbonization is:
The process in which trees - coal - graphite -diamond
2 most notable causes of the end permian extinction were
Acidic Rain and Volcanism
Albedo effect
How much light (heat) Earth reflects back into space, based on white surfaces.