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identify basic music symbols

space between two barlines


divides the staff into measures

bar line

gradually increasing in volume, also written as cresc.


shows the end of a piece of music

double bar

gradually decreasing in volume, also written as decresc.


loud volume


medium loud volume

mezzo forte

the 5 lines and 4 spaces on which music is written


Used for the higher sounding pitches. Also known as the G clef.

treble clef

soft volume


Every Good Boy Does Fine

treble clef lines

Fat Albert Can Eat or FACE

treble clef spaces

C and D--Can Do

treble clef ledger notes

gets 1/2 count of sound or silence (2 eighth notes beamed together get 1 count)

eighth note(s) and rest

gets 3 counts of sound

dotted half note

gets 2 counts of sound or silence

half note and rest

gets one count of sound or silence

quarter note and rest

gets 4 counts of sound or silence

whole note and rest

go back and perform it again


lowers the pitch of a note by 1/2 step


raises the pitch of a note by 1/2 step


cancels the effect of a flat or sharp


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