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demonstrateTo show evidence of how you understand the reading passage or question being asked.describeTo point out the important details of a reading passage.determineTo come to a judgement after reading a passage or a question; to give an opinion about an issue.developTo extend upon an idea in order to give it greater meaning; add more strength to an idea or position.evaluateTo determine the value, amount, importance or effectiveness of something in order to understand if it matters or means something.explainTo provide reasons for what happened in order to clarify, justify, or define those events, actions, causes or effects.imagineTo form a picture in one's mind; predict what might happen under certain conditions; to think about a rage of possible outcomes, obstacles or opportunities.inferAn opinion arrived through a process of reasoning based on background knowledge and evidence from the text.integrateTo make whole by combining the different parts into one; to join or make something part of a larger unit.interpretTo make plain or understandable; make inferences or draw conclusions about what the text means.introductionA short section in the beginning of a text that sets the stage for the reader and states what the passage will be about.justifyTo prove the reasoning for your answer.main ideaThe most important idea in a reading passage supported with details.opinionA position arrived at after consideration; an idea that is believed to be true by the author.organizeTo arrange or put in order; to work out the details of a passage and put in meaningful order.point of viewA position or perspective from which something is considered or evaluated.reflectTo make a statement of one's opinion; to take into account what one has read and be able to comment on what is learned.sequenceThe way parts of a passage or text are organized; how events follow one another.sourceSomething mentioned in a passage that provides related and especially supportive information.supportTo provide evidence or information that proves an answer correct in a passage or text.summaryA shortened version of the key events or ideas or a piece of text.transitionThe process of changing from one idea or paragraph to another; Examples: Next, All of a Sudden, Finally, Etc.

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