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Questions 40-45

Q40. Did God abandon man after Adam fell into sin?

God did not abandon man after Adam fell into sin, but promised to send into the world a Savior to free man from his sins and to reopen to him the gates of heaven.

Q41. Who is the Savior of all men?

The Savior of all men is Jesus Christ.

Q42. What is the chief teaching of the Catholic Church about Jesus Christ?

The chief teaching of the Catholic Church about Jesus Christ is that He is God made man.

Q43. Is Jesus Christ more than one Person?

No, Jesus Christ is only one Person; and that Person is the second Person of the Blessed Trinity. (Remember, a person is WHO you are.)

Q44. How many natures has Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ has two natures: the nature of God and the nature of man. (Remember, a nature is WHAT you are.)

Q45. When was Christ born?

Christ was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Christmas Day, in Bethlehem, more than two thousand years ago.

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