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Quantum and Atomic Physics


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The Cathode Ray Tube experiment is associated with
J.J. Thomson
The electron charge was measured the first time in
Oil drop experiment
What is the difference between cathode rays and X-rays
Cathode rays are particles and x-rays are electromagnetic radiation
What distinctive phenomena are illustrated in X-ray spectra
Bremsstrahlung, internal atomic structure of the anode
Which of the following colors indicates an object of the lowest temperature
Which is a property of a black body radiator
It absorbs all incident radiation, then re-emits it at frequencies determined by its temperature
Which of the following photons has the greatest energy
What discrepancy between experiment and theory helped lead Max Planck to his quantum theory
The Ultraviolet catastrophe
The energy of a photon depends on
How does the energy of a photon change if the wavelength is doubled
Energy is halved
How dos the momentum of a photon change if the wavelength is halved
The photoelectric effect explains
The particle nature of light
The kinetic energy of photo-electrons depends on
work function, wavelength of light
which of the following is the formula of the photon momentum
the stopping potential of photo-electrons depends on which of the following
the frequency of the photons, the composition of the metal surface
which of the following formulas expresses the photoelectric effect
all of the following are properties of γ-rays except
they ionize gases
which of the following phenomena provides the best evidence that light can have particle properties
compton scattering
which of the following phenomena provides the best evidence that particles can have wave properties
the interference pattern produced by neutrons incident on a crystal
which of the following formulas can be used to determine de broglie wavelength
a photon can disappear producing an electron and positron. what is the phenomenon called
pair production
when a proton collides with an antiproton they disappear producing photons. this phenomenon is called
electrons are accelerated to a maximum speed of v in an x-ray tube by an applied voltage V₀. what is the maximum speed of the electrons if the voltage is quadrupled.
in compton effect experiment a photon scattered from an electron at rest increases its wavelength. which of the following deflection angles provides the greatest increase in the wavelength of the scattered photon
if all of the following objects move at the same speed which one will have the greatest debroglie wavelength
rutherfords scattering α-particles by a gold foil experiment disproved which of the following
plum-pudding model of the atom
in rutherfords experiment most of α-particls pass through the foil without deflection. which of the following properties of the atom can be explained by this observation
an atoms positive charge is concentrated in the nucleus, an atom is mostly empty space
which of the following statements can be associated with boars theory of the atom
an electron can change its energy only by a certain portion when it jumps between the orbits, the angular momentum of an electron around the nucleus is equal an integer time h/2pi
when an electron falls from an orbit the first excited state to the ground state
a photon is emitted
in the bohr model when an electron jumps from the n=1 orbit to the n=3 orbit what is its new orbital radius as a proportion of r1
in the bohr model when an electron jumps from the n=1 orbit to the n=4 orbit what is its new energy as a proportion of E1
in the bohr model, when an electron orbits a single proton in the n=5 state, how many debroglie wavelengths fit onto the circumference of this orbit
an electron accelerated from rest by a 600V potential difference has a debrolgie wavelength of λ. what would the electrons de broglie wavelength be if the potential difference had been 150 V
according to maxwells theory of electromagnetism, an electron orbiting a nucleus must
radiate its energy
according to the bohrs theory of the hydrogen atom, electrons starting in the 4th energy level and eventually ending in the ground state could produce a total of how many different spectral lines