16 terms

Nonfiction Text Features Quiz

Quiz yourself on the nonfiction text features.
Italicized Word
A word that is important and written in slanted print.
A title of a page or a chapter.
Bold Faced Word
A word in dark print that is important and meant to stand out.
An explanation for a picture that can be found under the picture.
A picture in a book, magazine, article, etc.
A list of difficult words and their meanings that are in a book
Table of Contents
A list in the beginning of a book that shows where each chapter begins.
A list of different topics that can be found in the back of a book and page numbers where to find them.
A drawing that shows how something works or a picture with labels.
Time Line
Information that is placed in chronological order.
Charts and Graphs
An organized gathering of information in a clear, visual presentation.
A visual image of a geographic feature or location.
A word with a line under it.
A word that is colored, usually in yellow.
Bullet and asterisk
A list of important information or facts that can in found in the text.
Inset and sidebar
Additional information found in boxes or at the side of a page.