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German inventor of movable type, who printed a Bible around 1455

Johann Gutenberg

Swiss Reformation leader

Ulrich Zwingli

French Protestants of the 16th and 17th centuries


A religious sect that rejected the practice of infant baptism, limiting church membership to adults baptized after a confession of faith


English king, 1509-1547, who asserted royal supremacy over the Catholic Church in England


Scottish Reformation leader

John Knox

City in Germany where the Protestant Reformation originated


Pardons from the Church for certain sins in exchange for money


Dutch priest who criticized the Church for emphasizing pomp and ritual rather than the teachings of Jesus


German Reformation leader

Martin Luther

French Reformation leader

John Calvin

A former nun who became the wife of Martin Luther in 1525

Katharina Von Bora

Name given to the followers of John Knox in Scotland


One who holds beliefs or opinions contrary to the established doctrines of his religion


A list of books the Roman Catholic Church condemned as dangerous to faith and morals and forbade its members to read


Famous book by Erasmus, in which he poked fun at greedy merchants, quarrelsome scholars and pompous priests

In Praise of Folly

Pope who excommunicated Martin Luther in 1520


English Protestants of the 16th and 17th centuries, who advocated simpler forms of creed and ritual in the Church of England


To be cut off by ecclesiastical authority from sharing in the sacraments, worship, privileges, or fellowship of a church


English queen, 1558-1603, who returned her kingdom to Protestantism


Calvin's doctrine that the salvation or damnation of men had been determined by God since the beginning of time


Another name for the Church of England


English humanist, author of Utopia,, who was ordered beheaded by King Henry VIII

Thomas More

Reformation leader who translated the New Testament into German

Martin Luther

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