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the negative effects of absent mothers, babysitters, and child-care centers have on children is reduced by.
good child care
studies of the impact of children on marital satisfaction show that.
on average, marital satisfaction is reduced
despite a rise in single-families, most young people still value being married and raising a family.
the rise in divorce, remarriage and stepfamilies, and unwed pregnancies has had no effect on men becoming successful fathers.
there is no difference in marital satisfaction between an unplanned pregnancy and a planned pregnancy.
the unwed father has almost no legal rights in deciding about an unwanted pregnancy.
the egalitarian parenting style emphasizes.
autonomy and independence
compared with fathers in the past, men today are more likely to do all of the following EXECPT.
routine child-care activities
children who view a great deal of television are more likely to see the world as less scary.
the marital changes created by traditionalization affect husbands more than their wives.
early deprivation of stimulation generally leads to.
slower learning later in life
fathers who participate in childbirth tend to hold and rock their infants more.
why do some researchers feel that the government should make preschool mandatory?
early stimulation is the most important factor in brain development
directing a child's behavior ahead of time is preferable to surprises in their behavior.
single-parent families headed by women account for about __ of poor families in the United States.
biological changes a child goes through to become an adult capable of reproduction is defined as ___.
in the past, marriage was synonymous with.
according to Cox and Demmitt, parenthood is not about children but.
creating mature adults
parenthood is not about children, but creating mature, responsible, caring adults.
authoritative parenting relates closely to producing competent children.
in the American nuclear family, parents are expected to give a child total parenting.
most new parents discover that firm routines increases parent-child conflicts.
physical contact seems to be the most important dimension of mothering and fathering.
black children are much more likely than white children to live in and benefit from extended family arrangements.
why is family planning so important?
unwanted pregnancies can lead to unwanted children and negative feelings about parenting
parental growth and development go hand-in-hand with.
child growth and development
presenting an alternative to a child immediately creates a confrontation.
a child who is too strongly socialized in the early stages may suffer from needless inhibitions as an adult.
parents who always shield children from failure are practicing good parental skills.
early stimulation tends to.
enhance development and later learning
for children to grow up successfully, they should have no stress in their lives.
most child experts agree that mild spanking with parental emotional support, not anger, is acceptable as a form of discipline.
the general social and biological changes the child experiences in becoming an adult is known as __.
marital satisfaction is lowest when children are.
independent adoptions are when children in the child welfare system are placed in permanent home by government-operated agencies.
which of the following groups has the highest percentage of children living in single-parent households?
African Americans
in almost all cases, the parents' relationship moves in the traditional direction after children are born.
Greg is concerned that his wife is being overprotective of their six-year-old son, Jacob. An example of overprotection would be.
settling a dispute between Jacob and one of his friends
of the key dimensions of mothering and fathering, the most important seems to be.
the parent is most likely to feel "trapped" by the birth of a child when.
a husband who doesn't want children finds out his wife deliberately "forgot" to take her birth control pills
men may have more problems working out parenthood readiness questions than women because they don't.
seek help in dealing with such questions
parenthood last until.
the end of your life
all of the following are reasons why the decision to become a parent is harder on modern women EXECPT.
decreased desire
during adolescence, peer influence becomes stronger than parental influence.
a little stress is good for children because it enables them to develop.
stress tolerance
experts agree that it is best to share the knowledge of adoption with the child from the very beginning.
fathers tend to be more involved with sons than with daughters.
marital satisfaction seems to rise when the children.
leave home
when newly married couples add their first two children to the family, they create four-way communication.
what do children need in order to survive their parents' occasional anger, unequal treatment, and other unfairness?
security, acceptance, and love