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Chapter 17


clusters contained in each lobule that produce milk


darkened area that surrounds the nipple


thin, yellow fluid, precursor of milk, secreted for a few days after birth

Copper's ligaments

suspensory ligaments; fibrous bands extending from the inner breast surface to the chest wall muscles


benign breast mass


Excessive mammary development in the male.

Intraductal papilloma

serosanguineous nipple discharge


nipples that are depressed or invaginated


conveying milk


pain in the breast


Inflammation of the breast

Montgomery's glands

sebaceous glands in the areola, secrete protective lipid during lactation; also called tubercles of Montgomery

Paget's disease

intraductal carcinoma in the breast

Peau d'orange

orange-peel appearance of breast due to edema


dimple or pucker on the skin


atrophic pink, purple, or white linear streaks on the breasts, associated with pregnancy, excessive weight gain, or rapid growth during adolescence

Supernumerary nipple

minute extra nipple along the embryonic milk line

Tail of Spence

extension of breast tissue into the axilla

Ipsolateral Axillary Nodes

1) Central axillary node
2) Pectoral
3) Subscapular
4) Lateral

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