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Chapter 11 Ok history


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A leader who hoped to make Oklahoma Territory a black state?
E.P. McCabe
Who found Langston?
E.P. McCabe
The man elected as president of the Sequoyah Convention was who?
Chief Pleasant Porter
This place was going to be the capital of the state?
Fort Gibson
The Hamilton bill was also known as what act? What did it do?
Oklahoma Enabling Act; combined the twin territories into a single state.
The constitution for the state was declared by which president?
First statehood bill
Constitutional Convention in Guthrie held
Nov. 1906
First state officials elected
Sept 1907
Oklahoma became a state
Nov 1907
Oklahoma Enabling act passed
June 1906
First statehood convention in Oklahoma City held
Enrollment of Indians began
Five bills introduced into congress to make twin territories one state
James Norman
A cherokee lobbyist
Willian H. Murray
Chickasaw Representative and President of Constitutional Convention at Guthrie
W.C. Rogers
Cherokee representative at Sequoyah convention
Pleasant Porter
Creek Chief
Green I. Currin
First african American elected to political office and legislator who introduced first civil rights bill into the Oklahoma legislature
Charles N. Haskell
Attorney, railroad builder, Creek Rep, and first governor of Oklahoma. Also was the governor when the capital was moved.
John F. Brown
Seminole rep
Green McCurtain
Choctaw representative
Temporary state capital in Oklahoma City was where?
Lee- Huckins Hotel
The first official act of the first state governor was to prevent what?
Prevent standard oil company from connecting pipelines from Bartlesville into Kansas.
Haskell's administration is best known for the removal of the state capital when?
December 16, 1910
The greatest problem of early oil producers was what?
What commission was given authority to regulate and govern the oil industry?
Corporation Commission
The Grandfather Clause was declared unconstitutional because of which amendment?
Fifteenth Amendment
Dennis T. Flynn
Congressional delegate who prevented moving the capital to Oklahoma CIty
Thomas P. Gore
One of the first senators from Oklahoma
W.B. Anthony
The governor's secretary who removed the state seal to Oklahoma CIty
H.H. Munson
A socialist leader
Kate Barnard
First commissioner of Charities and Corrections. Also was the first woman to be elected to state office.
Lee Cruce
Second governor of Oklahoma