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  1. shade
  2. tertiary colors
  3. 3 properties of color
  4. orange
  5. value
  1. a hue, value, and intensity
  2. b color plus black, darkened color
  3. c made when you mix a primary and a secondary color together, primary is named first
  4. d red + yellow =
  5. e lights and darks of a color

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  1. colors that cannot be made from any other color; red, yellow, and blue
  2. how bright or dull a color is
  3. color plus white, lightened color
  4. colors that remind you of snow and ice; blue, green violet
  5. blue + yellow =

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  1. violetlights and darks of a color


  2. huecolor property that tells you what color it is


  3. monochromatic3 colors that form a triangle on the color wheel


  4. complementary colorsColors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. The most common are yellow and violet, blue and orange, red and green


  5. secondary colorsmade when you mix two primary colors together; orange, green and violet