Chapter 20

What was the main economic activity in New France?
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What helped to increase the slave trade in Africa during the seventh century?Spread of Islam into AfricaWhich of the following Did aid the spanish in conquering the Axtecs?Disease, native enemies, and superior weapons.On what assumption was the encomienda system based?that Europeans had the right to demand labor from Native Americans.What did the English want to take control of New Netherlands?It was a port City. It separates the northern and southern colonies.what was one result of the loss of native lives to disease?Shortage of LaborHow did slavery in African and Muslim societies differ from slavery in the Americas?Americas was based on race and heredity.what was one effect in Europe of the financial success of American colonies?Prices of goods increase.How did Bartoleme de las casas affect race relations in the Americas?Urged better treatment of Native americans but Proposed using African laborers.According to the policy of mercantilism, how could a nation increase its wealth?it should sell more goods than it buys from other countriesHow was Africa affected by the Atlantic slave trade?Cultures lost, families torn apart.What enabled the Spanish forces to conquer the Aztec people?Stronger traning, his men were held together better then the opponents. and European diseases helped to weaken the population.