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the bodys continuous ability to respond to changes in the enviroment and to maintain relative constancy in the internal enviroment


the regions frequently used by health professionals to locate pain or tumors divide the abdomen into four basic areas called________.


which of the following organs or structures does NOT lie within the mediastinum?
aorta, liver, esophagus, trachea


a lengthwise plane running from front to back that divides the body into right and left sides is called


a study of the functions of living organisms and their parts


the thoracic portion on the ventral body cavity is separated from the abdominopelvic portion by what muscle?


an organization of varying numbers and kinds of organs arranged together to perform a complex function


the plane that divides superior from inferior is known as the ________plane


which is the following structures does NOT lie within the abdominal cavity?
(spleen, most of the small intestime, urinary bladder, stomach)

urinary bladder

which of the follow is an example of an upper abdominal region?
(right iliac region, left hypochondriac region, left lumbar region, hypogastric region)

left hypochondriac region

the dorsal body cavity contains components of what system?


what organ is NOT found in the pelvic cavity?
(bladder, stomach, rectum, colon)


many cells acting together to perform a common function exists at the ____________level of organization


a plane that divides the body into ___________and ____________portions is a coronal plane

anterior and posterior

if you reference point is "nearest the trunmk of the body" rather than "farthest from the trunk of the body", where does the elbow lie in relation to the wrist?


when the body is erect

anatomical position

the buttocks are oftem used as intramuscular injection sites. what is that region also called?


in the human body, the chest region,
(can be reffered to as the thoracic cavity, is a component of the ventral body cavity, contains the mediastinum, all the above)

all the above

which of the following is not a component of the axial subdivision of the body?
(upper extremity, neck, trunk, head)

upper extremity

the synonym for medial is:


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