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The Proclamation of 1763 prohibited colonists from moving west of the

Appalachian Mountains

The British government tried to stop smuggling with the

Sugar Act

What act taxed almost all printed material in the colonies?

Stamp Act

Who led the Green Mountain Boys?

Ethan Allen

Who opposed any compromise with the American Colonies

George III

Whose letters to her husband suggested increased rights for women?

Abigail Adams

The man who wrote the Declaration of Independence was

Thomas Jefferson

Who ran the first post office established by the Second Continental Congress

Benjamin Franklin

Who wrote Common Sense

Thomas Payne

George Grenville's first action in the colonies was to take action against the


To search a colonists' house, a British customs officer presented

writs of assistance

Who persuaded the House of Burgesses to take action against the Stamp Act?

Patrick Henry

Which act gave the British Parliament the right to tax and make decisions for the colonies "in all cases whatsoever"?

the Declaratory Act

Colonial leaders used the Boston Massacre killings as


"The shot heard 'round the world" refers to the actions of the minutement at

Lexington and Concord

Which colonists did not consider unfair taxes a good reason for rebellion?


Which colonists wanted to fight the British for American independence?


George Washington was chosen commander of the Continental Army upon recommendation of

John Adams

The colonists expressed their desire for peace in the

Olive Branch Petition

When did the delegates to the Second Continental Congress vote to accept the Declaration of Independence?

July 4, 1776

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