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(Noun) a film or a play in which part of the story is sung to music.
My favourite musical is Mama Mia.
(noun) [C or U] a ballet ​dancer
By the ​age of 15 he had already ​composed his first ballet (= ​music for a ballet).
(Noun){U}beautiful/​breathtaking/​spectacular scenery
They ​stopped at the ​top of the ​hill to ​admire the scenery.
Special effects
(plural Noun)
The ​movie ​won several ​awards for ​its special effects.
(noun) the ​particular ​combination of ​qualities in a ​person or ​place that makes them different from ​others
Politeness is ​traditionally ​part of the British character.
An orchestra
(noun) a ​large ​group of ​musicians who ​play many different ​instruments together and are ​led by a ​conductor
She's a ​cellist in the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.
(noun) the set of ​clothes ​typical of a ​particular ​country or ​period of ​history, or ​suitable for a ​particular ​activity
The ​dancers ​leading the ​procession were in ​colourful and ​elaborate costumes.
The plot
(noun) the ​story of a ​book, ​film, ​play
The ​movie has a very ​simple plot.
(noun) something, such as a ​funny ​story or ​trick, that is said or done in ​order to make ​people ​laugh
Did I ​tell you the joke about the ​chicken ​crossing the ​road?
The set
usually + adv/prep : If a ​story, ​film, etc. is set in a ​particular ​time or ​place, the ​action in it ​happens in that ​time or ​place .
Example : "​West Side Story" is set in New York City in the late 1950s .
The cast
(noun) the ​actors in a ​film, ​play, or show
After the ​final ​performance the ​director ​threw a ​party for the cast .
Example : I liked the script, the cast, and of course working with Rob .
(noun) the words of a ​song
Example : George would take out his lyric book and acoustic guitar and play us the song we would be working on that day.
Camera work
(noun) a way in which a film is filmed
Camera work got award.
(Noun) equipment in a home, workplace, studio, theater, or street for producing light.
(noun) the ​action of ​entertaining other ​people by ​dancing, ​singing, ​acting, or ​playing ​music
A performance of Arthur Miller's ​play "The Crucible"
(noun) a ​musical ​play in which most of the words are ​sung, or ​plays and ​music of this ​type
"Carmen" is my ​favourite opera.