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WORD Lesson 5 Reports


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Page Break
Location on a page where that page ends and the next page begins.
Soft Page Break
Automatically placed by the software when you run out of room on a current page.
Hard Page Break
Manually forcing a page break.
Keyboard short cut for a hard page break.
Control + Enter
First Line Indent
Indents the first line of every paragraph.
Hanging Indent
Indents all lines in a paragraph EXCEPT the first line. Use in references.
Communicates information about a topic. Can be either formal or informal and should include a bibliography page.
Identical text that appears at the top of every page or specified pages. Generally does not appear on page 1.
Identical text that appears at the bottom of every page or specified pages. Generally does not appear on page 1.
Title Page
Typically contains the report's title, writer's name, and the date the report was submitted.
Research Features
Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopia
Keyboard shortcut for research features
ALT + click
A collection of formats you can apply to selected text.
A combination of color schemes and fonts used for a document.
Text or picture that appear behind the document text.
Scans a document for a specifed occurance of text symbols or formatting.
Locates all occurances of text and swaps old for new.
Insert File
Allows one to add a file into the current document.
References the source of quoted material.
A summary list of the sources used, quoted, or paraphrased with a document.
Modern Language Association- Report Style
Amercian Psychological Association - Report Style
Hidden notes or annotations that you or a reviewer can add to a document.
Track Changes
Feature that allows you to see where a deletion, insertion or other formatting change has been made in a document.
Combine and Compare
Combines any two version of the same document.
Word Count
Calculates the pages, characters, paragraphs and lines in a document.