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The Smart Grandmother

ESL Story

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What did the rich grandmother send her grandchildren every year?
She sent them large cheques.
How much did she send each child?
she sent each child a cheque for one million dollars.
How did she send the money? Why?
She sent the money by express post so the children would receive the cheques quickly.
How did the children feel when they received the cheques?
They felt happy.
What did the granddaughter say?
She said, "This is my money. It's mine."
What did the mother say?
Yes, it's yours, but you have to write a thank you note?
Who wrote thank-you notes?
Both children wrote thank-you notes.
Where did the granddaughter and grandson put their money.
The granddaughter put hers in the bank and the grandson put his in the bank too.
How did the grandmother feel when she read the thank-you notes?
She felt very happy when she read the thank-you notes.
What did she do after she read each thank-you note?
She smiled after she read each thank you-note.
What did she appreciate?
She appreciated their notes.
How busy was the mother one year?
The mother was very busy.
What did the mother have to do?
She had to take care of her new baby. She had to do the ironning and cooking. She had to take care of the children and pets.
What did the mother forget to do?
She forgot to tell her children to write thank-you notes.
What didn't the grandmother receive?
The grandmother didn't recieve any thank-you notes.
What did the grandmother tell her friend?
She told her friend, "Next year, everything was completely different."
Who came to visit the grandmother in person?
The children came to visit her in person.
What did the children bring?
They brought thank-you cards and they even brought flowers.
What did the grandmother's friend ask her?
She asked, "Why did your grandchildren come in person?"
What did the grandmother say?
The grandmother said, "This year, I didn't sign the cheques.