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  1. Sex capitals
  2. Professional-managerial class
  3. Patriarchy
  4. Labor force participation rate
  5. Class consciousness
  1. a from conflict theory perspective; meaning middle class; includes managers, supervisors and professionals
  2. b a society or group in which men have power over women
  3. c where prostitution openly flourishes; ex: Thailand, Amsterdam
  4. d percent of those in a given category who are employed either part time or full time
  5. e perception that a class structure exists along with a feeling of shared identification with others in one's class

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  1. the link between sexuality and power, not just within individual relationships
  2. a pattern of extreme segregation
  3. interprets patriarchy as the primary cause of women's oppression
  4. refers to advocating a more just society for women
  5. total pattern of gender relations that structure social institutions, including stereotypical expectations, interpersonal relationships,a nd the different placement of men and women that are found in institutions

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  1. "Natural behavior"paying women and men equivalent wages for jobs of similar skill level


  2. Pluralismrefers to advocating a more just society for women


  3. PrejudiceAttitude: evaluation of group based on conceptions about the group despite facts that disprove them


  4. Sexual identitydefinition of oneself that is formed around one's sexual relationships; LEARNED through the context of our relationships; Not based on sexual processes


  5. Aversive racismSubtle, covert, nonobvious ex: avoiding interaction