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  1. Radical feminism
  2. Lumpenproletariat
  3. Urban underclass
  4. Working class via Marx
  5. Income
  1. a interprets patriarchy as the primary cause of women's oppression
  2. b those who have become unnecessary as workers and are then discarded (underclass, homeless, permanently poor)
  3. c Amount of money recieved in a given period
  4. d has been added to the lower class; those who are likely to be permanently unemployed and without much means of economic support
  5. e those who sell labor for wages

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  1. the widespread changes i mens and womens roles and a greater public acceptance of sexuality as a normal part of social development
  2. Derived from certain factors such as income, occupational prestige and education
  3. aka power; political dimension; capacity to influence groups and individuals even in the face of opposition
  4. Placement in the class system is based on individual achievement, not ascription; loose class boundaries, high rates of class mobility, weak perceptions of class difference
  5. the prestige dimension of startification, the social judgment of recognition given to a person or group

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  1. Caste systemOne's ascribed status (quality given to an individual by circumstances of birth) is that person's place in the system; ex: apartheid


  2. Class conflicta person's placement in the class system can change according to personal achievements, class depends on achieved status


  3. Social stratificationClass, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender


  4. Discriminationpracticies that single out some groups for different and unequal treatment; ex: sexual harrassment


  5. Gender stratificationthe hierarchical distribution of social and economic resources according to gender