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  1. Karl Marx: class and capitalism
  2. Feminization of poverty
  3. Salience principle
  4. Functionalism and gender
  5. Caste system
  1. a Defined classes in a relationship to the means of production, the system by which goods are produced and distributed
  2. b men fill instrumental roles in society where women fill expressive roles; arrangment works to benefit society
  3. c One's ascribed status (quality given to an individual by circumstances of birth) is that person's place in the system; ex: apartheid
  4. d categorize people based on what's obvious ex: skin color
  5. e increasing proportion of the poor who are women and children; 1/3 of families headed by women are poor

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  1. people produce gender through the interaction they have with one antoher and through the interpretations they have of certain actions and appearances
  2. Attitude: evaluation of group based on conceptions about the group despite facts that disprove them
  3. paying women and men equivalent wages for jobs of similar skill level
  4. hard to define; very large portion of americans
  5. a person's movement over time from one class to another

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  1. Gender socializationprocess through which men and women learn the expectations associated with their sex; Parents most important source, school, religion, media, popular cultureed`1d


  2. Lower classdisplaced and poor; little formal education; often unemployed or working in minimum wage jobs


  3. Occupational prestigenegative tx and oppression of one group by society's existing institutions bsed on teh presumed inferiority fo the oppressed group


  4. PluralismPerception and tx of a racial group as inferior to one's own group


  5. Color blind racismdft groups in society maintaining their distinctive cultures while also coexisting peacefully with the dominant group