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  1. Institutional racism
  2. Working class via Marx
  3. Social mobility
  4. Indicators of class
  5. Color blind racism
  1. a a person's movement over time from one class to another
  2. b negative tx and oppression of one group by society's existing institutions bsed on teh presumed inferiority fo the oppressed group
  3. c chooses to ignore racial problems in america and think they will go away if ignored
  4. d those who sell labor for wages
  5. e income, education, place of residence

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  1. workers in skilled trades/low-income bureaucratic workers; aka working class
  2. those with newly acquired wealth
  3. the institutionalization of heterosexuality as the only socially legitimate sexual orientation
  4. society or group where women have power over men
  5. people produce gender through the interaction they have with one antoher and through the interpretations they have of certain actions and appearances

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  1. Radical feminisminterprets the origins of women's oppression in the capitalist system


  2. Closed class systemsPlacement in the class system is based on individual achievement, not ascription; loose class boundaries, high rates of class mobility, weak perceptions of class difference


  3. Karl Marx: class and capitalismDefined classes in a relationship to the means of production, the system by which goods are produced and distributed


  4. Status symbolthe prestige dimension of startification, the social judgment of recognition given to a person or group


  5. Sexual revolutionthe widespread changes i mens and womens roles and a greater public acceptance of sexuality as a normal part of social development


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