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  1. False consciousness
  2. Open class systems
  3. Working class via Marx
  4. Poverty line
  5. Human capital theory
  1. a those who sell labor for wages
  2. b class consciousness of subordinate classes who had internalized th view of the dominant class; Karl Marx used term; ruling class controls subordinate classes
  3. c Determined by the gvt to be the amount of money needed to support the basic needs of a household; below this line, one is officially poor
  4. d Placement in the class system is based on individual achievement, not ascription; loose class boundaries, high rates of class mobility, weak perceptions of class difference
  5. e result of differences int he indiviual characteristic st aht worker bring to jobs; assumes that the economic syste m is fair and competitive adn that wage discrepancies reflect differences in the resources that individuals bring to jobs

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  1. the idea that a minority group must adopt alleged dominant group values to succeed
  2. the interactive or combined effects of racism, classism, and gender in the oppression of people
  3. Behavior: negative/unequal treatment of members of a group based on their membership in that group
  4. Defined classes in a relationship to the means of production, the system by which goods are produced and distributed
  5. segregation in the labor market based on factors sucha s race, class, age or any combination thereof

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  1. Basis for US stratificationClass, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender


  2. Class systemOne's ascribed status (quality given to an individual by circumstances of birth) is that person's place in the system; ex: apartheid


  3. Feminist theoryevolved from recognizing the socially constructed nature of sexual identity; interprets society as forcing sexual boundaries on people; challenges the idea that only one form of sexuality is normal and all other forms are deviant or wrong


  4. Femenismrefers to advocating a more just society for women


  5. Functionalist perspective on inequalityParts of society are in basic harmony; inequality servews an important purpose in society: motivates people to fill dft positions that are needed for survival of the whole; a reward system that motivates people to succeed


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