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  1. Gendered institutions
  2. Class (Weber)
  3. Sexual scripts
  4. Occupational segregation
  5. Upper middle class
  1. a teach us what is appropriate sexual behavior for each gender
  2. b High incomes and social prestige
  3. c segregation in the labor market based on factors sucha s race, class, age or any combination thereof
  4. d economic dimension of stratification, how much access to the material goods of society oa group or individual has
  5. e total pattern of gender relations that structure social institutions, including stereotypical expectations, interpersonal relationships,a nd the different placement of men and women that are found in institutions

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  1. refers to advocating a more just society for women
  2. behavior accepted by cultural customs and sanctioned by social institutions
  3. frustration turns to aggression directed toward minority groups
  4. has been added to the lower class; those who are likely to be permanently unemployed and without much means of economic support
  5. per Marx, working class would become dissatisfied with profits becoming concentrated in the hands of few capitalists, revolution as an inevitable result

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  1. RacismPerception and tx of a racial group as inferior to one's own group


  2. Lower middle classworkers in skilled trades/low-income bureaucratic workers; aka working class


  3. Intersection perspectivebelief for many Americans that with enough hard work and loyalty to the dominant white culture of the country any minority can manke it and thus "assimilate" into American society


  4. Intragenerationaloccurring within a generation


  5. Class conflictfrom Karl Marx's conflict theory; interprets inequality as resulting from the unequal distribution of power and resources in society