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  1. Educational attainment
  2. Patriarchy
  3. Income
  4. Lumpenproletariat
  5. Scapegoat theory
  1. a total yrs of formal education
  2. b frustration turns to aggression directed toward minority groups
  3. c Amount of money recieved in a given period
  4. d a society or group in which men have power over women
  5. e those who have become unnecessary as workers and are then discarded (underclass, homeless, permanently poor)

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  1. workers in skilled trades/low-income bureaucratic workers; aka working class
  2. hard to define; very large portion of americans
  3. total pattern of gender relations that structure social institutions, including stereotypical expectations, interpersonal relationships,a nd the different placement of men and women that are found in institutions
  4. the interactive or combined effects of racism, classism, and gender in the oppression of people
  5. Groups have different accesst o resources, power and perceived social worth; a system of structured social inequality

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  1. Prestigevalue assigned to people/groups by others


  2. Feminization of povertyanalyses that seek to understnad the position of women in society fo rthe xplicit purpose of imporving their position in society


  3. Class (Weber)the prestige dimension of startification, the social judgment of recognition given to a person or group


  4. Eugenicsmaintenance and persistance of one's culture


  5. Sexualitysocially defined and patterned