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  1. Estate system
  2. Gender identity
  3. Pluralism
  4. Life chances
  5. Occupational prestige
  1. a subjective evaluation people give to jobs; more education needed, usually more occupational prestige
  2. b one's definition of oneself as a woman or man
  3. c maintenance and persistance of one's culture
  4. d Ownership of property and the exercise of power is monopolized by an elite who have total control over societal resources. Most common in agricultural societies
  5. e Described by Max Weber; the opportunities that people have in common by virtue of belonging to a particular class

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  1. where prostitution openly flourishes; ex: Thailand, Amsterdam
  2. total yrs of formal education
  3. used by symbolic interactionists to interpret sexual identity as learned, not inborn
  4. increasing proportion of the poor who are women and children; 1/3 of families headed by women are poor
  5. Determined by the gvt to be the amount of money needed to support the basic needs of a household; below this line, one is officially poor

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  1. Coming outprocess of defining oneself as gay/lesbian


  2. Melvin Oliver/Thomas ShapiroThe sedimentation of racial inequality; the persisting effects of discriminatory policies


  3. RacismPerception and tx of a racial group as inferior to one's own group


  4. Sexual identitydefinition of oneself that is formed around one's sexual relationships; LEARNED through the context of our relationships; Not based on sexual processes


  5. Basis for US stratificationClass, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender