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  1. Social stratification
  2. Intragenerational
  3. Aurthoritarian personality
  4. Wealth (net worth)
  5. Middle class
  1. a Groups have different accesst o resources, power and perceived social worth; a system of structured social inequality
  2. b occurring within a generation
  3. c hard to define; very large portion of americans
  4. d authroitarian personality are more likely to be prejudiced against minorities than nonauthoritarian individuals
  5. e total owned minus debt

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  1. Class, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender
  2. dft groups in society maintaining their distinctive cultures while also coexisting peacefully with the dominant group
  3. interprets patriarchy as the primary cause of women's oppression
  4. women and men make dft amounts because they work in different segments of the labor market:: primary market (jobs stable, good wages, advancement opportunities) vs secondary market (high turnover, low wages, nonexistent promotion ladders)
  5. maintenance and persistance of one's culture

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  1. Life chancesdisplaced and poor; little formal education; often unemployed or working in minimum wage jobs


  2. Old fashioned racismObvious, overt racism ex: physical assault


  3. Ideologyvalue assigned to people/groups by others


  4. Scapegoat theoryGordon Allport:: interaction between whites and minorities may reduce prejudice; three conditions: individuals must be of equal status, contact must be long term, and norms favoring equality must be agreed upon by participants:: symbolic interaction theory


  5. Class conflictfrom Karl Marx's conflict theory; interprets inequality as resulting from the unequal distribution of power and resources in society