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Chapter 3


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Creation according the Hesiod
Creation begins with Chaos and then next came Gaea, Erebus and Dark night
Greek word Chaos suggests
yawning void
place deep in the depths of the earth;
Erebus is
Gloomy darkness of tartarus
Eros described by Hesiod
Most beautiful
For the Romans, Eros was called
Creation according to Ovid
Chaos is not gaping void but rather crude and unformed mass of elements which a higher power made
Ovids poem Metamorphoses concentrates upon
stories that involve transformations of various sorts
-matriarchal concept of mother earth and her fertility as primary and divine
-The male sky-god

-produced by Earth emerges as her equal partner
divinities of fertility? (7)
Gaia, Themis, Cybele, Thea, Hera, Demeter, and Aphrodite
Uranus and Gaea had how many children
what were Uranus and Gaea's children called
The Titans
what were the names of Uranus and Gaea's children
Oceanus, Coeus Crius ,Hyperion, Iapetus, Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, phoebe, Tethys, and Cronus
who was the most hated by their father (Uranus)
Why were the Titans consider pairs
6 males 6 females
Oceanus and Tethys children
produced 3000 male children and 3000 female children- spirits of rivers waters and springs
Hyperion and Helius
Gods of the sun
Hyperion and Helius are parents of
Helius, Selen, and Eos
Helis is a....
sun-god. The sun-god dwells in the east, descends in the west into the stream of Oceanus, and sails back to the eas
Selene is a goddess of
The moon
challenged by the accusation that the Sun was not his real father
sun god but not the original
goddess of the dawn
third child of Hyperion and Theia,
in who's bed did Aphrodite catch her mate Ares in
what did Cronus do to his father?
swiftly cut off the genitals of his own father and threw them so that they fell behind him
who arose from genitals
Cronus (sky) marries....
Rhea (earth)
Rhea gives birth to? (6)
Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus
what does Cronus do to his children
eats them all except for Zeus
Zeus is
father of gods and men
zeus was born on what island
Rhea gave birth to zeus in a
not a deity, but beginning, perhaps a void
hieros gamos
archetypal concept of a "sacred" or "holy marriage"
who produced "the oceanids"
Oceanus and Tethys
Phaethon means
son of Helius
Selene loved
how does Zeus punish Selene
By granting endymion sleep forever
why does Zeus punish Selene
because she wouldn't do her duties during the night because she would go lie with Endymion
who did Eos love
What did Eos ask of Zeus
Tithonus and asked Zeus to make him immortal but forgot to ask for him not to age
what does Eos love for Tithonus show us
Depicts the power of beauty of youth and the devastation of old age, the devotion of love even though sexual attraction has gone, and give warning to us all: be careful what you pray for, since god might grant your request
With what diety does homer credit the creation of the world
Oceanus & Tethys
Which were the most terrible children of Gaia and Uranus
Why did Gaia Punish Uranus
he refused his children to leave the womb of the earth
What is the first thing that comes into being after chaos
- Gaia
Who is the goddess of the moon
What mortal was beloved by the moon goddess
What goddess does Hesiod invoke in the beggning of his theogony