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Chapter 4


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What did Zeus do to his father once he matured?
Cronus was beguiled into bringing up all that he had swallowed, first the stone then the children
Other than the titans, who were zeus allies (also siblings)
the Hecatonchires and the Cyclopes
What were the Hecatonchires really good at
hurling stones with their hundred-handed dexterity
who forged thunder and lighting for zeus
The cyclopes
who was on Cronus's Side?
The Titans (his siblings)
minus Themis and Prometheus
what mountain did Zeus fight his father from
Mt. Olympus
who did the Hecatonchires Guard
The titans imprisions in tartarus
The earth produced giants called
Gageneis means
the most vicious monster that opposed zeus was
what did Zeus do to the giants that threatened him
imprisoned them in volcanic regions
what are the four stages Ovid refers to the creation or mortals
The gold age
-very first the immortals who have their homes on Olympus
The golden age mortals exhausted around what time
when Cronus was king in heaven
how did the golden age mortals die
as though overcome by sleep
How do the golden age mortals inhibit earth
holy spirits, who are good and ward off evils,

as the protectors of mortal beings
The age of silver
-far worse than the age of gold
-The children were senseless and was brought up by the side of their mother in distress
-They were arrogant against one another and refused to worship the gods or offer them sacrifice
-Zeus hid them away
The age of Bronze
-this race of mortals were terrible and mighty because weapons were made of bronze

-constantly pursued war

-destroyed by their own hands, went down into the dark house of chill Hades, and the black death seized them
The age of iron
-This race was of iron. Zeus destroyed this race of mortals
The age of heroes
-fourth race nourished the earth, valiant in war and more just

-also called demigods

-These inhabit the islands of the Blessed with carefree hearts. Fruitful earth ripened three times a year
what age was also called demigods
the age of heroes
Prometheus was the creator of
prometheus fashioned man kind out of
who breathed spirit into prometheus's clay mortals
who was the first women
what was the source of Zeus and Prometheus feud
what did Zeus do to prometheus?
prometheus stole fire back for humans so Zeus created pandora to ruin mankind
what did Zeus order to be done to Prometheus
to be chained in a cave in remote causasus and an eagle would eat his liver each day and it would regrow painfully each night
Pandora means
"all gifts"
who was pandora given to
Hephaestus (slower brother of prometheus)
what gift did Aphrodite give pandora
weapon of sexual allurement and desire
what did Athena give pandora
silvery garments for her to wear and a veil to cover her face
what accompanied Pandora
a box that contained all the evils of the world and hope
what happened when pandora opened the box
all the evils of the world slipped out and as she closed the box quickly she trapped hope, leaving mankind without hope
who was Io
Heras Priestesses
what happened when Zeus fell in love with Io
Hera turned Io into a white cow, and sent Argus Panoptes (all seeing) to guard her
who is Argus Panoptes
"all seeing"
-said that Argus had 100 eyes and that Hera placed his eyes in the fail of a peacoke, her favourite bird
during the iron age what did zeus decide
that humanity was corrupt
what did zeus do to humanity during the iron age
produced a great flood to destroy them
who did Zeus spare from the flood during the iron age
-Deucalion (the Greek Noah),

-the son of Prometheus, and his wife pyrrha

-the daughter of Epimetheus
who repopulated the world after the iron age
the son of prometheus and the daughter of Epimetheus