HAVC 80 Test 1 Study Guide

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- How was this conical tower portrayed by the white government of Zimbabwe?
It was used to deny the past to the the indigenous people who could possibly use it to establish a new form of government. It also provided an identity for the people in the new nation. In a sense the tower had become a form of entertainment versus one of sacredness.
- How did racism impact the excavation of this site?
Blacks were denied access to the site which attempted to keep them away from the ritualistic site.
- Where is this located?
- What are some theories about what this site was and how it was used?
Some theories about this site was that it had always been used for political purpose. The Conical Tower was intended to represent the identity of the people. The tower in the precolonial period had limited access and one was only permitted to go in with a specific and convincing purpose. Just as the pre colonial the colonial government used it to provide visual iconography of power to the common "person".
- How does different management of the Zimbabwe sites change their meaning?
Different management of the sites change their meaning by linking together their culture with the iconic site. No matter the race or culture, the group in control of the Conical Tower linked its greatness with their political intentions.
- What evidence is there that Great Zimbabwe was a center of political authority?
Fighting off of ignorant claims of its purpose, the same attempt by pre and post rulers use it to link power and the land together