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Character test we took for once and future king on august 27, 2007


Wart's jealous brother

Sir Ector

Arthur's foster father


Arthur's real father


Pulls sword from stone


Finds holy grail


Wants to destroy his father


I'll made knight (ugly face)


Torn b/w Arthur and Lancelot


Enchantress who locks up Merlyn


Wild goose


Arthur's sword


Mordred's mother


Kills and innocent unicorn

Morgan le Fay

Queen of the faries


An anachronism

Kay (mc)

"What does it matter what Hob says? He is a servant"

Mr. P

"There is only power Power if the individual mind, but the mind's power is not enough. Power of the body decides everything in the end, and only Might is Right"

Lyo-Lyok (mc)

"There are natural enemies. But what creature would be so low as to go about in bands, to murder others of its own blood?"


"Well, it is true that man has the Order of Dominion and is the mightiest of animals - if you mean the most terrible one - but i have sometimes doubted lately whether he is the most blessed"

Merlyn wants Arthur to

Think for himself

Lyo-lyok taught Arthur

Why boundries are wrong

King Arthur is

Fair and Just

Arthurs wife Guenever

Adores and admires Arthur

Lancelots son is


Lancelot contributes his ugliness to

His spirit

Lancelot believes that his strength lies in

His purity

Morgause is Arthur's

Half-sister who seduces him

Mordred wants revenge on Arthur because he

was almost drowned by Arthur

Arthur entrusts his idea to a young page named

Thomas of Warwick

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