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the point where a river begins.
the route taken by a river as it flows into the sea.
a small river or stream that joins up with a larger one.
the point at which a tributary joins the river.
the point where a river enters the sea.
the part of a river mouth that is tidal.
River basin
the area of land that is drained by a river and its tributaries.
the high ground that separates one river basin from another.
the material transported by the river.
Hydraulic action
erosion carried out by the force of the flowing water in the river.
the river uses its load to erode the bed and banks.
the material is worn down, smoothed and rounded as the particles bounce off each other.
acids in the water dissolve some rocks such as limestone.
River transportation
rolling, bouncing, suspension and solution.
youthful stage
Steep slope, fast moving river, v-shaped valley.
v-shaped valley
has steep sides and a narrow valley floor.
occurs when a river falls from a height.
is a flat area along the river course that is flooded by the river.
are bends in the river in its mature and old age stages.
oxbow lake
is a horseshoe shaped lake that was once part of a river meander, but is now cut off from the river.
are raised banks of alluminium that are found along the banks of some rivers in their old stage.
ia a triangular or fan-shaped area of land found where a river flows into the sea or lake
landforms that result from deposition include
deltas, floodplains, levees and meanders
youthful stage
also known as upper course
mature stage
also known as middle course.
old age stage
also known as lower course.
plunge pool
found at the base of a waterfall
the deeper area of water on the outer bend of a meander
the shallower part of water in the inside bend of a meander
river cliff
formed when a river bank collapses due to bank caving
also know as point bar
bluff lines
these mark the edge of a floodplain. they look like cliff sides
lacustrine deltas
are deltas which form at the mouth of a river as it flows into a lake
marine deltas
are deltas formed where a river enters the sea
arcuate delta
is a delta in the shape of an arc
bird's foot delta
is a delta here the sea waves are weak in comparison to the strength of the river. the rivers divides up into distributaries

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