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joined together inside a common boundary


neighboring cities and suburbs that blend into one huge urban area

coral reef

structure formed by the skeleton of small sea animals

free enterprise system

economic sestem in which individuals have the right to run business and make a profit with limited government interference

service industry

businesses that provide services to people instead of producing goods


body of water that is wide and deep enough to allow ships to pass

fossil fuel

coal, oil, natural gases

acid rain

rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants


areas where trash companies dump the waste they collect


reusing materials instead of throwing them out

free trade

trade that flows freely among countries without trade barriers


overseas settlement tied to a parent country

representative democracy

government in which voters choose leaders who make and enforce laws

federal republic

power is divided between national and state governments, with a president who leads the nation


to withdraw from the national government


person who moves into a new counrty to live






smaller community surrounding a larger city

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