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According to the land bridge theory, from which continet did early people cross into America?


After water, what was the most important natural resource for the Plains Indians?


How did people of the arctic learn to adapt their shelters to the resources that were available?

They used blocks of ice to build igloos because there were no trees.
In summer, they built shelters out of sod or lived in tents made from sealskins.

Native Americans often depended on d______ o_ l_____ in order to produce more goods.

Division of Labor

Native Americans often hold a ________ to celebrate a cultural or religious event.


The _________ of many Native American groups depended on the supply of food and other natural resources that helped them.


The Olmec ______ had a strong influence on the Mayan cities that developed later.


Scientist can learn a great deal about life of early people living in the Americas from _________?


What are features that are common to most civilizations?

- most civilizations have ways of life, religion and learning

What are some unique features of an early civilization you have read about


What does the word MIGRATION mean?

a movement of people

What early civilization in the Americas developed a counting system that included zero?


What is the main reason that early peoples in the Americas began to live in larger, more settled villages?

They developed agriculture (farming).

What kinds of natural resources were used to build each of the following shelters?
1. Teepees
2. longhouses
3. pueblos

1. tepees made from animal skins stretched over wood poles
2. longhouses made from trees
3. pueblo made from adobe bricks

What other resources did the Northwest Coast people have that were important to their economy?

- salmon to eat or trade
- whales were good for food and other materials

What was a major purpose of the Iriquios League?

to resolve conflicts among people and groups

What was used to group Eastern Woodland peoples as Iroquoian or Algonquin?

the language they spoke

Which Iriquois nation had the largest cultural regions in the Eastern Woodlands?

the Mohawk

Which of these natural resources was most important to the people of the Eastern Woodlands and the Northwest Coast?


Why did the economy of native Americans living in the arctic cause families to band together?

When food was scarce, the families shared seal meat.

Why were tress more important to people of the Northwest Coast and Eastern Woodlands than they were to the Plains Indians?

-they used wood to make tools, canoes, houses
- trees were a source of food
- the plains did not have great forests

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