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Ms Kusch Covington Latin School

Municipium -i n


Posterus -a -um

next, following

Veho vehere vexi vectus

to carry, convey

mos moris m

custom, habit

Comes comitis m

companion, comrade

Eques, equitis m

knight, member of the equestrian order

agmen agminis n

column, line

tumultus us m

uproar, commotion

orior oriri ortus sum

to arise

pugna ae f

pitched battle

defero deferre detuli delatus

to carry down

lateo latēre latui

to lie in hiding

conficio conficere confeci confectus

to finish (off)


adv) seriously

revertor reverti reversus sum

to turn back, return

tollo tollere sustuli sublatus

to lift, arise

perfero perferre pertuli perlatus

to deliver, bring in

augeo augēre auxi auctus

to increase, magnify

invidia ae f

ill-will, hatred

ostendo ostendere ostendi ostensus

to show, point out

idem eadem idem

the same

vulgus i n

rabble, mob

studeo studēre studui

to be eager for, support

flago are avi atus

to burn, blaze up


adv) likewise, in the same way

iungo iungere iunxi iunctus

to join, connect

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