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A compliation of the test questions I missed, so I can use them to sudy for the retest tomorrow. Mostly polysaccharides, polymers, and monomers.


A major type of lipid found in cell membranes is


The storage form of carbohydrates is ________ in animals and _________ in plants.

"D) DNA, ribose" correctly pairs a polymer and its monomer

Which of the following options correctly pairs a polymer and its monomer?
A) enzyme, nucleic acids
B) cellulose, amino acids
C) triglyceride, glucose
D) DNA, nucleotides
E) RNA, ribose

"C) proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, polysaccharides" is a list consisting of only polymers

Which list below consists of only polymers?
A) proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, amino acids
B) sugars, amino acids, nucleic acids, lipids
C) proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, polysaccharides
D) proteins, lipids, nucleotides, sugars
E) polysaccharides, lipids, amino acids, nucleic acids

"A) cellulose, starch, and glycogen" is a list consisting of only polysaccharides

Which of the following lists consists of only polysaccharides?
A) cellulose, starch, and glycogen
B) nucleotides, glycogen, and cellulose
C) fructose, cellulose, and glucose
D) sucrose, starch, and cellulose
E) starch, amino acids, and glycogen


A protein containing more than one polypeptide chain exhibits the _________ level of protein structure.


A molecule with the formula C₅₅H₁₁₀O₅₅ is probaly a(n)

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