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Sociology and You- Chapter 1 Vocab

A particular point of view.
The scientific study of social structure (human social behavior)
Sociological Perspective
A view that looks at the behavior of groups, not individuals
Social Structure
The patterned interaction of people in social relationships
Sociological Imagination
The ability of individuals to see the relationship between events in their personal lives and events in their society
The belief that knowledge should be derived from scientific observation
Social Statistics
The study of social stability and order
Social Dynamics
The study of social change
Class owning the means for producing wealth
People who own or control the means for producing wealth
Class that labors without owning the means of production; those that labor for the bourgeoisie
Class conflict
The ongoing struggle between the bourgeoisie (owners) and the proletariat (working) classes
Mechanical Solidarity
Social dependency based on a widespread consensus of values and beliefs, enforced conformity, and dependence on tradition and family
Organic Solidarity
Social interdependency based on a high degree of specialization in roles
Understanding social behavior by putting yourself in the place of others
The mind-set emphasizing knowledge, reason, and planning
Theoretical Perspective
A set of assumptions accepted as true
Approach that emphasizes the contributions made by each part of society
Manifest Functions
Actions that produces an intended and recognized result
Latent Functions
Actions that produces an unintended and unrecognized result
Negative consequence of an aspect of society
Conflict Perspective
Approach emphasizing the role of conflict, competition, and constraint within a society
The ability to control the behavior of others
Anything that stands for something else and has an agreed-upon meaning attached to it
Symbolic Interactionism
Approach that focuses on the interactions among people based on mutually understood symbols
Approach that depicts human interaction as theatrical performances