16 terms

Anne Frank Play Vocab and Questions, 1-3

obvious;easy to see or percieve
showing off; going too far
to swarm
to be filled or crowded; to teem
to deport
to be sent out of the country; to exile
appreciation; thankfulness
feeling or showing compassion
to humiliate
to shame; to mortify
to subdue
to make less intense; to control
set of stationary bells, each producing one note of the scale

____ as set of bells, each producing a different note in order to play music
showing pride and self-respect
How does scene 1 inform the audience of the persecution hat forced the Franks and Van Daans to go into hiding?
by letting the audience hear Anne's voice reading her diary.. OR.. through the dialogue between Mr. Frank and Miep
How does Scene 2 first inform the audience of the difficult conditions the two families will have to live under?
by having Mr. Frank explain them to the rest of the occupants
Scene 3 first informs the audience of the conflicts among characters. What prop do the playwrights use to introduce the audience to the developing conflict between Anna and Peter?
Peter's shoes
What prop is most significant in helping inform the audience about Ms. Van Daan?
Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat
What other important conflicts does Scene 3 inform us about?
conflicts between Mr. Frank and Anna and between Mrs. Van Daan and Mr. Van Daan
At the end of Scene 3, how is the audience informed about the condition outside of the Annex?
through a new character, Mr. Dussel