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  1. sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization
  2. regulatory oversight agency approved disinfectant
  3. decontamination
  4. MSDS
  5. OSHA
  1. a The three main types of decontamination are?
  2. b The contact points of equipment that cannot be immersed in liquid solutions should be cleaned and disinfected using a?
  3. c A manufacturer must supply pertinent safety and storage information by providing?
  4. d The agency that sets the standard for dealing with bloodborne pathogens is?
  5. e The process of removing pathogens and other substances from tools and surfaces is?

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  1. What is the danger of using antibacterial soaps?
  2. Every week, foot spas should be cleaned following the daily procedure and filled with?
  3. Antiseptics are effective for?
  4. The first step in the decontamination process is called?
  5. An exception to the level of protection that disinfection provides and the possibility of an infection could be present if?

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  1. immunityAn organism that lives on another living organism and draws its nourishment from that organism is a?


  2. disinfectantA higher level of decontamination than sanitation is?


  3. 20 secondsWhen using liquid soap, scrub you hands and lather for at least?


  4. phenolic disinfectantsA chemical agent that is used to destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces is?


  5. bloodeborne pathogensEstheticians who use needles and probes that lance the skin must use a level of decontamination called?