ISSA International Sports Science Association
In order to help strengthen their lungs, asthmatics should....
Perform specific breathing exercises.
Asthma is a tightening of the airways of the lungs that result from either undue inflammation of the lining of the airways to specific triggering factors.
The answer is True.
Pregnant women should avoid exercising over _____ minutes.
Sensible exercise can be a safe and productive undertaking for both a pregnant woman and her fetus.
The answer is True.
Obesity and stress are confirmed risk factors for CHD.
The answer is True.
Research has shown that the predominate contributing factor (s) to heart disease is....
Too much saturated fat.
Too much alcohol.
Too much smoking.
Not enough exercising.
All of the above.
Individuals with arthritis should work out at least _____ times per day?
One of the basic seven major warning signals for arthritis is _____?
None of the above.
Arthritis refers to a disease that causes pain or stiffness in skeletal joints.
The answer is True.
The body of a diabetic does not produce enough insulin or it cannot properly use the insulin it does make.
The answer is True.
Hypertension is the medical condition of a chronically elevated level of arterial blood pressure.
The answer is True.
Proper healthy life style behaviors and sensible exercise would...
prevent disease, improve the quality of one's life, maximize physiological capacity.
All of the above.
Strength program for an older adult.
Low to moderate intensity with high repetitions.
How frequent should an older adult be trained in conjunction with a cardiovascular program?
2 to 3 times a week.
What is the guideline intensity level for an older adult?
Approximately 50 to 80% of estimated VO2.
60% to 75% of maximum heart rate.
RPE = somewhat hard.
All of the above.
The role of an exercise intervention for chronic conditions in adaptive fitness is to increase _____ without exacerbating existing conditions.
Functional fitness.
The goal of an adaptive fitness session for a client with a disability is improved ___, ___, and ___.
Fitness, mobility, self-efficacy.
Neurological factors as opposed to hypertrophic factors are primarily responsible for strength gains in children.
The answer is True.
Children are....
not miniature adults
susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
more susceptible to cold injury.
partially vulnerable to Osgood Schlatter's disease.
All of the above.
How frequently should a youth workout be?
2-3 times a week.
Individuals with hypertension should moderate their intake of ____.
The recommended RPE range for individuals with hypertension would be ____ to ____.
10 to 13
Research has shown that the beneficial effect (s) of exercise of hypertensives...
All of the above.