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Scientific Method

predicted answer to a question (correct format If...then...because)
independent variable
experimental element that is purposefully changed to test hypothesis; found on the X axis (amount of fertilizer)
dependent variable
experimental element that is measured as a result of an experiment/ test; found on the Y axis (plant height)
scientific model
a representation of an object or event that can be studied to understand the real object or event
An explanation of a natural process supported by many tests, over multiple years and multiple scientists. Accepted as correct due to conclusive evidence.
scientific law
A statement or mathematical relationship that predicts future events but doesn't explain why they occur.
a logical conclusion based on observations
the process of obtaining information by using the senses
Qualitative observation
observations that are descriptive (the grasshopper is green)
Quantitative observation
observations that are measured or counted (the penny is 3cm wide)
systematic method of problem solving AND the knowledge gained as a result of such method
Control Group
test group in an experiment that does NOT receive a change to the independent variable (left "normal" for comparison to other groups)
Experimental Group/s
test group in an experiment that DOES receive a change to the independent variable to test the experimental question
elements of an experiment that are kept the same between experimental groups to increase validity of the data.

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