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  1. 3.C.3
  2. 3.D.3.
  3. 3.D.4.
  4. 2.B.1.
  5. 4.A.3.
  1. a Cell membranes are selectively permeable due to their structure.
  2. b Errors in normal signal transduction may alter cellular response.
  3. c Signal transduction pathways link signal reception with cellular response.
  4. d Viruses reproduce and can introduce genetic variation into their hosts.
  5. e Interactions between external stimuli and gene expression result in specialization of cells, tissues, and organs.

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  1. Interactions of subcellular structures, including a repertory of eukaryotic organelles possessing specialized functions, provide essential cellular functions and activities.
  2. Eukaryotic cells maintain internal membranes that partition the cell into specialized regions.
  3. Global distribution of ecosystems changes substantially over time.
  4. Environmental factors influence the expression of the genotype in an organism.
  5. Biological systems possess multiple mechanisms that increase genetic variation.

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  1. 2.E.2.Growth and dynamic homeostasis is maintained by the constant movement of molecules across membranes.


  2. 3.B.1Cells can be activated, produce new products, and retain their activated state through gene regulation


  3. 2.D.3.Organisms constantly respond to changes in their external environments.


  4. 2.A.3.Organisms must exchange matter with the environment to grow, reproduce, and maintain organization.


  5. 3.A.3Mendelian genetics provides a basic understanding of the underlying causes of the pattern traits from parent to offspring.