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  1. reciprocal determinism
  2. omission training
  3. delay of reinforcement
  4. BF Skinner
  5. chaining
  1. a linking together behaviors to create a highly complex behavior
  2. b Bandura's idea that our behavior, our psychology and our environment all affect each other
  3. c a form of condtioning in which the reinforcement is give if the behavior in question does not occur in a certain time period
  4. d if there is long time lag between the behavior and its consequence, conditioning may not occur
  5. e he developed the schedules of reinforcement through his research with pigeons

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  1. a general term for breaking the CS-CR relationship when the CR is undesireable; it works by replacing the CR with a different, desireable CR
  2. he described the Zone of Proximal Development as tasks a little harder than what a child can already do, tasks that children can learn with adult guidance
  3. knowledge that children figure out for themselves
  4. he believed the best way for children to learn is for them to "construct" their own knowledge
  5. after a poor practice, the coach made the soccer team run 20 laps around the field

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  1. primary reinforcera pat on the back would be one, but water would not be


  2. superstitionwhich schedule is this: your math teacher gives you 10 extra credit points for every 20 extra problems you solve?


  3. latent learningcontinuing to study or practice even after one is confident of some skill or knowledge


  4. insight learningit is acquired without conscious effort or awareness or reinforcement; and it may not appear until needed


  5. Albert Bandurathe father of operant conditioning