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  1. prosocial behavior
  2. John B. Watson
  3. Albert Bandura
  4. stimulus discrimination
  5. amount of practice
  1. a any that is generally beneficial to others or socially constructive
  2. b an organism's ability to distinguish two similar stimuli to determine which one will in fact be reinforced
  3. c he found that children will imitate adults even when no adult is in the room with the child
  4. d a variable that can affect learning - the more the better
  5. e the father of behaviorism

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  1. a general term for something that tends to elicit more of a behavior
  2. if a stimulus is similar enough to a CS the stimulus will also produce the CR
  3. Bandura's idea that our behavior, our psychology and our environment all affect each other
  4. a belief that one is unable to control one's environment due to previous events in which one had no control
  5. Martin Seligman developed this idea after experiments in which dogs were shocked; some had the opportunity to escape from the shocks, others did not

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  1. biological constraints on learninga term that includes the idea that organisms tend to learn fastest behaviors that affect survival


  2. conditioned stimulusa mental representation of an environment gained through experience or observation, as a rat has of a maze


  3. variable intervalWhich schedule of reinforcement is this: every once in a while, your teacher gives extra credit points for students who are well-behaved in class?


  4. superstitionrefers to the process of an organism's pairing the CS with the UCS so that the CS will produce the CR


  5. acquisitionrefers to the process of an organism's pairing the CS with the UCS so that the CS will produce the CR