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  1. motivation
  2. Ivan Pavlov
  3. BF Skinner
  4. secondary reinforcer
  5. reciprocal determinism
  1. a both internal and external, it has an effect on how well we learn
  2. b he essentially invented classical conditioning
  3. c he developed the schedules of reinforcement through his research with pigeons
  4. d a pat on the back would be one, but water would not be
  5. e Bandura's idea that our behavior, our psychology and our environment all affect each other

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  1. a belief that rests on magical forces; people retain this belief if it is occasionally reinforced
  2. because he failed 3 classes in the first semester, his parents took away his shoes and made him walk to school every day in February barefoot
  3. the father of behaviorism
  4. failure to reinforce the CS for a number of trials will produce this
  5. an organism's ability to distinguish two similar stimuli to determine which one will in fact be reinforced

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  1. learned helplessnessa belief that one is unable to control one's environment due to previous events in which one had no control


  2. BF Skinnerthe father of operant conditioning


  3. John B. Watsonhe tried to condition an emotional response in a small child


  4. fixed intervalwhich schedule is this: a teacher calculates your participation points every day at three o'clock?


  5. John Garciahe essentially invented classical conditioning