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  1. superstition
  2. biofeedback
  3. Edward Tolman
  4. amount of practice
  5. extinction
  1. a failure to reinforce the CS for a number of trials will produce this
  2. b he developed the idea of cognitive maps
  3. c a method for controlling physiological processes by monitoring them
  4. d a variable that can affect learning - the more the better
  5. e a belief that rests on magical forces; people retain this belief if it is occasionally reinforced

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  1. worked on the Little Albert experiment with Watson
  2. he tried to condition an emotional response in a small child
  3. a term that includes the idea that organisms tend to learn fastest behaviors that affect survival
  4. Bandura said that this is one way we control our own behavior; the marshmallow/delay of gratification experiment is one example of this
  5. he found that children will imitate adults even when no adult is in the room with the child

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  1. BF Skinnerthe father of operant conditioning


  2. cognitive mapa mental representation of an environment gained through experience or observation, as a rat has of a maze


  3. variable ratioreinforcement of the sort offered by a slot machine


  4. negative punishmentBart Simpson is writing "I will not blow my nose into the soft-serve machine." on the classroom blackboard.


  5. extrinsic motivationa desire to do something for its own sake, because one finds the behavior rewarding in itself