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  1. Rosalie Rayner
  2. systematic desensitization
  3. token economy
  4. learned helplessness
  5. latent learning
  1. a a classical conditioning technique for treating phobias by using relaxation techniques to reduce the anxiety associated with the phobic stimulus
  2. b it is acquired without conscious effort or awareness or reinforcement; and it may not appear until needed
  3. c Martin Seligman developed this idea after experiments in which dogs were shocked; some had the opportunity to escape from the shocks, others did not
  4. d a type of operant conditioning in which points are earned for good behavior and the points can be redeemed for treats
  5. e worked on the Little Albert experiment with Watson

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  1. a type of learning described by Kohler after his research involving apes stacking boxes to get bananas
  2. variable interval is one
  3. any of a number of therapies, designed to change behavior by using learning principles, especially operant and classical conditioning
  4. he believed the best way for children to learn is for them to "construct" their own knowledge
  5. a type of therapy designed to present a patient with a phobic object and help the patient overcome the phobia

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  1. fixed ratiowhich schedule of reinforcement is this: a bass fisherman casts dozens of times but only catches a few bass?


  2. negative reinforcementSally receives a plaque from the mayor for volunteering at the 4th of July parade


  3. reciprocal determinismBandura's idea that our behavior, our psychology and our environment all affect each other


  4. Edward Tolmanfailure to reinforce the CS for a number of trials will produce this


  5. fixed intervalbehavior reinforced on this schedule is most likely to be performed at a high rate in a short time