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  1. Rosalie Rayner
  2. systematic desensitization
  3. motivation
  4. delay of reinforcement
  5. negative reinforcement
  1. a worked on the Little Albert experiment with Watson
  2. b a classical conditioning technique for treating phobias by using relaxation techniques to reduce the anxiety associated with the phobic stimulus
  3. c if there is long time lag between the behavior and its consequence, conditioning may not occur
  4. d both internal and external, it has an effect on how well we learn
  5. e your teacher skips a required book report because the class average is an A+

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  1. Bandura said that this is one way we control our own behavior; the marshmallow/delay of gratification experiment is one example of this
  2. the marshmallow experiment demonstrated whether young children had developed this yet
  3. a mental representation of an environment gained through experience or observation, as a rat has of a maze
  4. it is acquired without conscious effort or awareness or reinforcement; and it may not appear until needed
  5. he tried to condition an emotional response in a small child

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  1. positive reinforcementafter a poor practice, the coach made the soccer team run 20 laps around the field


  2. chaininglinking together behaviors to create a highly complex behavior


  3. reciprocal determinisman important component of this is the ability to recognize and understands one's own feelings


  4. variable intervalbehavior reinforced on this schedule is most likely to be long-lasting


  5. extrinsic motivationa desire to do something for its own sake, because one finds the behavior rewarding in itself


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