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Human Activity and Natural Resources


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Water from nearby rivers and lakes are usually used to cool down the reactors in nuclear power plants. The release of this heated water back into the environment would most likely result in...
A change in the biodiversity in the river or lake
Fertilizers used to improve lawns and gardens may interfere with the equilibrium of an ecosystem be which of the following happening?
Can be carried into the local water supplies due to runoff of rainwater
Which human activity would be the least likely to disrupt the stability of an ecosystem?
Recycling bottles and cans from a landfill
In some areas, foresters plant one tree for every tree they cut. This is an example of...
A good conservation practice for renewable natural resources
Which human activity would most likely result in the addition of an organism to the endangered species list
Habitat destruction
Some negative effects of the human activities on the environment can be contracted by increasing what?
Enforcement of pollution laws
Which process helps reduce climate change?
Burning fossil fuels
Increased production of goods makes our lives more comfortable, but causes an increase in demand for energy and other resources. One negative impact of this situation on the environment is an increase in...
Pollution levels in the atmosphere
Which human activity would have the most positive effect on the environment of an area?
Protecting native flowers and grasses in the area
Which of the following actions illustrates an increased understanding by humans for relationships in the environment?
Implementing laws to regulate the numbers of animals hunted and killed each year by hunters
Extreme weather events that naturally in all parts of the world and effect people's livelihoods
Natural hazards
A resource that replaced naturally can be used again
Renewable resources
A resource of economic value that cannot be replaced on a level equal to its consumption
Nonrenewable resources
Resources that are provided by the earth that humans can use and make more complex human made products
Natural resources
A statistical distribution of weather patterns that last for an extended period of time
Climate change