APES Ch 19 Vocab

Friedland and Relyea

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Global change
Change that occurs in the chemical, biological, and physical properties of the planet
Global climate change
Changes in the climate of the Earth
Global warming
One aspect of climate change: the warming of the oceans, land masses and the atmosphere
% of incoming light that is reflected
Greenhouse gases
A gas in Earth's atmosphere that traps heat near the surface
Greenhouse effect
The warming if the Earth due to an increase in greenhouse gases
Greenhouse warming potential
An estimate of how much a molecule if any compound can contribute to global warming over a period of 100 years relative to a molecule of CO2
A greenhouse gas commonly produced when decomposition occurs without adequate oxygen
Nitrous oxide
Natural component of the nitrogen cycle that is produced through denitrification
The converging of nitrates yo nitrous oxide
Charles David Keeling
First to measure CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere
Tiny marine organisms that have hard shells that resist decay after death. Different species prefer different temperature, so if the predominate species is known than one can infer the temperature from
Ice core
Long tubes of ice extracted from deep in the Earth
Light oxygen
Oxygen-16, 8 p and 8n. More when it's colder
Heavy oxygen
Oxygen-18, 8p and 10n. Warmer temps
Positive feedback
A change is a system is amplified
Negative feedback
A system responds to a change by returning to its original state or decreasing the rate the change is occurring
Layer of soil that remains frozen
Kyoto Protocol
An international agreement to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases from a all industrialized countries to 5.2% below theorem 1990 level by 2012
Carbon sequestration
taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and pumping it into retired agricultural soils