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The period after the Civil War where Congress passed laws to help rebuild the country.
-freed African Americans needed housing, education, clothing, food and jobs
-money had no value
-banks were closed
-railroads, bridges, plantations were destroyed
Freedmen's Bureau
government agency that provided food, schools, and medical care for freed African Americans and others in VA
a system where you rented land from a landowner and paid your rent with a share of the crops
separation of people, usually based on race or religion
an unfair difference in the treatment of people
What power did African Americans begin to have after Reconstruction?
-power in Virginia's government
-men of all races had the right to vote
"Jim Crow" laws
Made segregation, or separation of races, legal and reinforced prejudices held by whites
Plessy vs. Ferguson
said "separate but equal" was fair
How did VA grow after the Civil War and Reconstruction?
VA's cities grew with people, businesses and factories
Tazwell County
coal deposits were found (Appalachian Plateau Region)
became important in Virginia again with cigarettes and cigars
-helped to expand businesses, agriculture and industry
Racial Integrity Act
split people into two groups
1. Whites
2. Coloreds (everyone else)