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Fall 2012

Leadership Skills COTA 2160 Cole's Seven Step Format for Group Leadership: Flashcards


by Anna Bressler


What are Cole's 7 steps for group leadership?

1. Introduction. 2. Activity. 3. Sharing. 4. Processing. 5. Generalization. 6. Application. 7. Summary.

What are the 5 parts of the Introduction step?

1. Warm up. 2. Setting the Mood. 3. Expectation of the group. 4. Explaining the purpose clearly. 5. Brief outline of the session.

What are the elements of the initial introduction and what is the most important purpose of it?

First the leader introduces themself, their title, and the name of the group. Second the group members are invited to introduce themselves. Most important is that each member is invited and acknowledged.

What are the important elements of the warm-up phase of the Introduction step?

The leader assesses the alertness and receptivity of the group. It pulls the focus of the members from what they were doing to here, now and into the group. Be sure the warm up is relevant to what the purpose of the group is.

What is the relevance of the setting the mood portion of the Introduction step?

The environment, the therapist's facial expression and manner of speaking and the media used all contribute to this phase.

What communicates the expectation of the group?

The therapist is always a role model and thier authoritative mannor will reflect the expectation of the group.

What is the relevant aspect of the explaining the purpose clearly portion of the Introduction step?

This is the primary task of the Introduction step and should take the level of function of the group members into consideration.

What are the 3 important elements of the Brief Outline phase of the Introduction step and it's main purpose?

The time frame, the media, and the procedures that are included in the session. This gives members a clue as to the session's focus (is it art or the discussion?)

What are the five parts of the Activity step?

1. Timing. 2. Therapeutic Goals. 3. Physical and Mental Capacities of the Members. 4. Knowledge and Skill of the Leader. 5. Adaptation of an Activity.

What is the suggested time limit of the Activity step?

No more than 1/3 of the total session, maybe slightly less.

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