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The Chairman of the Federal Reserve has great influence on the American economy.


There are four functions of the Federal Reserve System.


The Federal Reserve is the government's bank.


Every United States Present when elected appoints a new Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System


Another name for the Federal Reserve is the FBI.


Alan Greenspan was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve system from 1987-2006.


The Fed keeps the economy healthy by managing the nation's money supply.


Congress wrote the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.


High inflation is a long-term goal of the Fed.


The Fed was once known as the lender of last resort.


The Fed regulates banks to keep the banking system safe and sound.


One of the Fed's responsibilites is to supervise and regulate national and state banks.


There are 12 members of the Board of Governors.


The purpose of the creation of the Fed was in response to problems with the nation's changing money supply.


The Fed uses changes in the reserve requirements to decrease or increase the amount of money a bank has available to lend.


If inflation begins, the Fed increase the money supply by decreasing the reserve requirement.


The discount rate is the rate charged by the Fed on loans it makes to financial institutions.


Increasing the money supply, reduces the discount rate.


The Open Market Committee is responsible for the Open Market Operations.


The Fed plays a minor role in both the national and international economics.


The Fed is not responsible for the managment of the nation's money supply.


The Fed's most powerful tool is the operations of the FOMC.

Ben S. Bernanke

Since February 1, 2005 he has been chairman of the Federal Reserve

St. Louis, Missouri

Where is the District Reserve Bank for Arkansas?


What year was the first "electronic fund transfer" by the Federal Reserve

Board of Governors, Reserve Banks, FOMC

The parts of the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Act

Written in 1913 by Congress


The Fed combines centralized --- authority with a healthy dose of regional independence.


The seven members of the Federal Reserve Board


Each FOMC meeting ends with a --- on actions that will affect the country's money supply.


The people at the Reserve banks are all experts on different aspects of our national economy.

discount window

One way the Fed ensures safety and soundness of the banking system is by making short term loans to banks though its ____.


The Fed keeps the economy healthy by managing the nation's money ____.

discount rate

The ____ is set by each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks.


Banks deposit billions of dollars at the Fed in cash, ____, wire transfers or other forms of electronic payments.


A goal of the Fed is to improve the efficiency of the nation's ____ system.


One of the Fed's responsibilities is to supervise and ____ certain commercial banks.


The Fed was once known as the lender of the last ____.

collection system

Through the 12 Federal Reserve Districts, a nationwide check _____ was created.


How many District Reserve Banks are there?

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City

Six Federal Reserve Districts

Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Francisco, St. Louis

Six Federal Reserve Districts

Social Security recipients

The Federal Reserve system pays these people.

Treasury notes

As the Government's bank the Fed is responsible for selling

Overseeing District Reserve Banks

The Board of Governors are reponsible for ___.

Conducting bank examinations, protecting consumers, supervising international banks

The responsiblities of a bank supervisor of the Fed.


One of the Fed's responsiblities is to provide ____ services to any bank.


Low --- is a long-term goal of the Fed.


The Fed regulates certain banks to keep the banking system safe and ____.

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