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The application of scientific principles and new technologies to agriculture.
People have always relied on agriculture. The demand continues to rise as the population grows.
Farmers are growing to meet the demands of people. In the 1930's, one production agriculturist could feed up to ten people today large farm operators can feed 200 people. Which statement could be concluded from the passage?
Agricultural production will continue to feed more and more people.
Knowing people will always need agriculture. We also know there will always be a job in the
agricultural field. What information would sup'port this argument?
Statistics from the Department of Labor
Identify the first step of the scientific method?
Statement of the problem
Which part of Agriculture Education is used as a tool for career and personal development?
Which part of the FFA emblem serves as a reminder of our freedom?
What are the official colors of the FFA?
National Blue and Corn Gold
Which act was responsible for the idea of forming the FFA?
smith-Hughes Act
Forestry, Meat Identification, Livestock Judging, and Soil Evaluation are all examples of:
In which year was the FFA founded?
I beleive in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words but of deeds. achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculture,years.
in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggle of former.
The proper term for a male hog that has not been castrated
Newborn horse that is male or female
Animal that is bred to not have horns
Species of European or Domestic cattle
Bos taurus
Parent material that stores and releases water to upper layers.
O Horizon
Soil left behind by wind
Loess Deposit
Undisturbed soil with four or more horizons.
Soil profile
Organic matter in soil that is stable and will no longer break down.
The wearing away of soil.
The largest particle of soil.
Parent material
Resources provided by nature that can replace or renew themselves
Renewable Natural Resources
Plant or flower that will germinate, flower, and die within one year:
A water sample taken from a nearby crawfish pond has a pH reading of 7. It can best be labeled as:
Through photosynthesis plants··use light energy to produce
The process through which plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.
Substance used to kill weeds.
What carries nutrients from the leaves to the roots?
flower label
This is the chemical form of salt
An angle that measures 90 degress.
Right angle
The federal agency whose mission is to save lives, prevent injuries, and protest the health of America's workers
The joining of metal parts by fusion, in which the necessary heat is produced by means of an electric arc.
Arc welding
Equipment or clothing used to prevent or reduce injuries
A unit of measurement for lumber that equals 1"x12"x12"
A total of 1500 feet of cable were purchased for a job. Only 783 feet of cable were used. How much cable was left after the job was complete.