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manner of production

tells how a sound is formed

stop (plosives)

manner. complete closure of the vocal tract. so air stops. release/burst


frequently occuring allophone


manner. produced with narrow constriction of vocal tract and air goes thru continuous noise. s sound. note: alveolar and palatal _____ are more intense, called stridents or siblants. narrow constriction where air escapes.


manner. open velopharynx, energy thru nose. complete closure, but open velopharyngeal port


manner. vowel-like consonant, constriction only a bit greater than for vowels, l and r.

lateral and rhotic

the 2 kinds of liquids

lateral /l/

kind of liquid. midline closure, lateral opening for sound transmission-air out sides of mouth.

rhotic /r/

kind of liquid. 2 ways to produce: 1) tongue tip curled in back slightly and not touching alveolar ridge. 2) bunched tongue in palatal area of mouth.


manner. produced with gliding motion, partly constricted state to more open state. j and w


manner. stop plus fricative, only palatal place of production, church and judge. ch and j

stop (plosive)

what manner?: can, keep, chorus, bed, pot


what manner?: name, man, nose, knew


what manner?: this, saw, zipper, happy, phone, show, thigh, fate


what manner?: gin, choose, job


what manner?: red, ring, lamb


what manner?: wheel, wail, whine, yes

stop, nasal, fricative, affricative, liquid, glide

what are the 6 manner of artics?

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