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Psychosomatic Disease


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What is a psychosomatic disorder?
A disorder where emotional or physiological factors can impact on the symptoms.
Give some examples of psychosomatic disorders.
- Asthma
- Atopic Dermatitis
- Tension-Type Headaches
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome
What is IBS?
A digestive condition your GP may be able to identify as IBS based on your symptoms, however blood tests may be done to rule out other possibilities.
What are the signs and symptoms of IBS?
- Abdominal Pain and Cramping; which may be relieved by defecation
- Change in Bowel Habits; diarrhoea alternating with constipation
- Bloating/Swelling of Stomach
- Excessive Wind
- Occasional Urgency
- Tenesmus
- Passing Mucous
What is the epidemiology of IBS?
- 20-30 year olds
- More common in females
How is IBS diagnosed?
Rome III Criteria
What is the Rome III Criteria?
- Symptom onset of 6 months (recurrent abdominal pain)
- For at least 3 days/month for the last 3 months; improvement with defecation and change in frequency or form of stool

IN UK +2 OF:
- Bloating/Hardness of Abdomen
- Symptoms Worsen After Eating
- Passing Mucus
What are the putative psychological causes of IBS?
- Life Events
- Chronic Stressors
- Hyper-reactivity
- Psychological Disorder
What are the putative physiological causes of IBS?
- GI Infections
- Food Intolerance
- Abnormal Gut Physiology
What are the different approaches to the management of IBS?
- Diet/Lifestyle Changes
- Drug Treatments
- Psychological
- Complimentary Therapies
What does the diet/lifestyle change approach involve?
- Keeping a food diary to assess for intolerances
- Assessment of activity levels
What does the drug treatments approach involve?
Treatment of the symptoms with:
- Antidiarrhoeals
- Laxatives
- Antispasmodics

Second line treatment:
- Antidepressants
What does the psychological approach involve?
Usually sought after around 12 months:
- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
- Hypnotherapy
- Psychotherapy
What does the complimentary therapies approach involve?
- Nutraceuticals (plant extracts)
- Chinese Herbal Medicines
- Probiotics