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House of Representatives

# of representatives based on population

Permanent # of Reps



majority party draws district boundaries to gain power (redistricting)

Colorado has ____representatives


Speaker of the House is

a. Presiding Officer b. Leader of majority party c. May speak and vote at any time, only required to vote in a tie

Current Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi

Floor Leaders

a. Chosen by party leaders (Dems and Reps) b. Carry out party-based decisions c. Chief spokesperson for their party

Current Majority/Minority leaders

Majority- Steny Hoyer, Minority- John Boehner


a. Assistant floor leaders b. Liaison between party leaders and members

President of the Senate

a. Vice President, currently b. May NOT speak or debate, can only vote in a tie c. Influence comes from relationships

Senate Floor leaders

a. LOTS of power b. Currently- (Majority)- Harry Reid (Minority)- Mitch McConnell


Where most of the work is done in Congress

Committee Chairmen

Members chosen by majority party to head standing committees

Due to control of committees, the majority party decides:

a. When to meet b. Bills to consider c. Public Hearings d. Witnesses to use

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