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CM Unit 1 Part 2


an involuntary separation of the employee from the employer for a temporary or indefinite period, through no fault of the employee

Learning Styles

the ways people think and learn


time free from every day job responsibilities during which a person can pursue personal interests and hobbies

Life Roles

the various parts of one's life, such as citizen, parent, spouse, worker, etc.

Life Stages

changes tht occur as we move through life experiences


the way a person lives his or her life, including geographic location, type of home, method of transportation and social situations


pertaining to the use of language


use of reliable inference and reasoning


the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife


interested in natural environments

Occupational Changes

changes in job status


the state or relationship of being a parent

Pink Slip

notice of termination

Reduction in Force

the employment of fewer people

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

extended protection to those with severe handicaps


those things that a person can use to help reach goals


a willingness to accept an obligation and be accountable or an action or situation


the state of being retired from one's occupation

Sandwich Generation

group of people who are caring for both their parents and their children


how people view their own skills, interests and competence level


how one views oneself; a feeling of good will with regard to how you feel about yourself; pride; confidence


proficiency or ability


preference to working with others


pertaining to a sense of space


dismissal from employment

Time Management

plan to use time wisely


the processes of changing from one state, activity or place to another.

Unemployment Insurance

a joint state and federal program under which state-administered funds pay a weekly benefit for a limited time to eligible workers when they are involuntarily unemployed


cherished ideas and beliefs that affect decision a person makes


expressed in words


pertaining to sight

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

provided free to those who meet the legal eligibility guidelines


good health


activity directed toward a goal that produces something of value; to exert oneself physically or mentally

Work Ethic

how a person feels about his/her job and the effort he/she puts into it

Work Needs

those characteristics that employers require for employment (SCANS Skills: basic skills, thinking skills, personal qualities, workplace competencies)

Worker's Compensation

guarantees financial assistance to workers injured on the job

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