Rafael has a sleep disorder for which he takes medically prescribed amphetamines. Which is he being treated for?
Humanistic psychologists believe that drive towards self actualization is
Visual acuity is best in the
Which of the following is least likely to affect the immune system's ability to ward off illness?
Being around someone who has a serious case of flu
As you watch a friend walk by, your retinal image of them gets smaller. Despite this, you do not perceive them as shrinking. This is an example of
Size constancy
A study can be regarded as scientific only if
It's conclusions can be verified or refuted by subsequent studies
Neurotransmitters are typically stored in what part of the neuron?
The terminal buttons
The concept of habituation is best exemplified by which of the following situations?
A college student is no longer kept awake by her roommate's late night typing.
A Gestalt organizing principle is
David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel's research on responses of the brain to visual stimuli showed that
Many cortical cells respond most strongly to specific visual information
A student's test score of 86 is at the 42nd percentile. This means that the student is
Scored the same as or higher than 42 percent of her fellow students
Carol Gilligan's critique of Kohlberg's stages of moral development focuses on
Differences between males and females in the course of moral development.
A child who learns that spoons are tableware and then correctly calls forks and knives tableware is demonstrating
Stimulus generalization
Rescorla's contingency model of classical conditioning states that
Conditioning occurs only when one event reliably predicts another.
Which of the following best supports the hypothesis that basic human emotions are innate?
Basic emotions are understood and expressed in a similar fashion by individuals from diverse cultures.
Training in the construction of an anxiety hierarchy and in relaxation techniques is likely to be a part of the treatment for which of the following?
Specific phobias
According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the need to have respect for ourselves and to be valued by others is classified as an
Esteem need
Alicia has started a new job but believes in her skills and ability to carry out her tasks. Band ya would refer to her sense of confidence as which of the following?
Self efficacy
What describes a dependent variable?
Some aspect of the participant's response that is measured by an experiment
All human languages have several basic sounds in common called
The sequence of shifts in electrical charges of a neuron is called
The action potential
What is the best interpretation of Asch's findings concerning conformity in perceptual judgements?
Conformity increases as group size increases to about 4 persons.
Mental shortcuts or rules of thumb that help solve problems an reduce mental efforts are called
The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is used primarily to provide information about which of the following?
Clinical disorders
Which of the following is a partial reinforcement schedule is most resistant to extinction?
Variable ratio
Which of the following concepts provides the best explanation for why people seek to put on warmer clothing when they sort to feel cold?
The linguistic relativity hypothesis of Whorf suggests which of the following?
Speakers of different languages think differently due to the differences in their languages.
"It belongs to human nature to hate those you have injured." This belief is best explained by
Cognitive dissonance theory.
The correlation between scores obtained on two halves of a single test yields information about the test's
Vance is a popular honors student who writes his best papers sitting on his motorcycle. His behavior can be considered abnormal only if
It deviates from cultural norms
People who have difficulty remembering recently learned materials because of similar information learned earlier in life are demonstrating
Proactive interference
Rights handed individuals, which of the following abilities is predominantly a function of the right hemisphere of the brain?
Spatial reasoning
Introspection as practiced by earlier structuralists is best illustrated by what behavior?
Describing ones immediate sensations while looking at a rose.
Hypothetical and deductive thinking are characteristic of which of Piaget's stages of cognitive development?
Formal operations
In certain situations, the larger the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that one of them will help the person in trouble. This is explained by
Diffusion of responsibility
Which of the following statistics best approximates the relation between variables?
A parent who keeps a son's room intact even though he's been happily married and in his own home for five years is exhibiting which of the following defense mechanisms?
Which most accurately depicts the role of the hypothalamus in the regulation of hunger?
It acts with the endocrine system to control hunger and satiety.
What kind of learning is indicated by the ability to recall a memorized list of unrelated words in reverse order?
When stimuli occur in highly predictable ways, an individual is often able to attend to both that task and another at the same time. The processing of the first task is
In memory experiments on free recall, the recency effect refers specifically to
Enhanced recall of items at the end of a list of words.
In developmental psychology, one advantage of cross-sectional over longitudinal studies is that cross-sectional research
Requires comparatively little time.
The pitch of a sound is analogous to what feature of light?
Although phobias can be acquisitional, some are more common than others. This can be explained by what concept?
Biological preparedness.
Neo-Freudian theories of psychoanalysis of Horney and Erikson differ from Freud's conceptualization in that they are less likely to
Emphasize the libido.
The Gestalt principle that refers to an individuals' tendency to perceive an incomplete figure as a whole is called
Skinner's claim that the environment determines an individuals' behavior was criticized for
Failing to acknowledge cognitive influences on behavior
Experimental research differs from correlation all research in that it
May reveal casual relations.
According to research on interpersonal perception, the formation of friendships is associated with which of the following?
Physical attractiveness, physical proximity, and attributions of similarity.
Information is related to the spinal cord or the brain by
Schwann cells
A trait that appears in an organism only when both parents possess the gene for the trait is referred to as
Is not a projective assessment technique.
A therapist using systemic desensitization to help a client overcome a fear of big dogs would begin treatment by
Asking a client to master a set of relaxation techniques.
The function of dendrites is to
Receive information from other neurons.