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Chapter 3 Unit F Properties of sound (Grade 5)

What is the order in which you SEE and HEAR thunder and lighting
Lighting is followed by thunder
If someone says "Turn it Down" that person means you should DECREASE what part of the SOUND
Is the region where there are fewer particles than normal
A high sound is always high because of
sound travels through cold weather
slower because the paticles take longer to collide
sound travels through hot weather
faster because the particle move faster to collide
sound travels through metal
faster because there is more matter and the particle are more compact
sound can not travel through a vacuum
because there is no matter/air in a vacuum
are back and forth movements in matter (sound)
Crest of a wave represents the
compression of the wave
Basic tones mixed together with softer and higher sound
a keyboard is broken up into
A part of a sound waves where the particles have been pushed closer is
The human voice produces in a wide range
The low voices sing a C at 132 hertz - two
Octaves Lower
Someone with long think vocal cords may sing tones at even lower
Three Parts of the Waves used to determine the kind of waves are
Wavelength, Amplitude, Frequency