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Guide to Operating Systems: Chapter 1

Which of the following input/output functions are handled by an operating system? (Choose all that apply.)
a. retrieving data from a DVD
b. communicating with a network interface card
c. handling output to a printer
d. handling communications via a digital modem
Your computer holds two hard drives and one of the drives has failed. After you install a new hard drive that is faster and larger than the old one, the computer operating frequently displays error messages that the drive is not ready. What should you do first??
contact the drive manufacturer for the latest device driver that addresses problems
for that drive
The large bank where you work uses an older mainframe to make a customer service database available for complex reports and queries about customer profiles. When 12 users run large reports on the mainframe at the same time, this is an example of which of the following?
The interim release of Windows Server 2008 is called __________.
Release 2 or R2
Microsoft's first multitasking operating system is __________.
Windows NT
While on a coffee break, your colleague is asserting that cooperative multitasking is the best operating system design. What is your response? (Choose all that apply.)
a. A disadvantage of cooperative multitasking is that it relies on each program to
decide when to give control back to the operating system.

d. Modern operating systems use preemptive multitasking so that the operating system
is fully in control.
You are called into a small business in which 25 people are using one Windows Vista computer to share files. The business has called you in to diagnose why file sharing is often slow or seems to grind to a halt. What is your assessment?
Windows Vista is only meant for about 10 simultaneous users and this company should upgrade to a server system.
Which version of Mac OS X is the first to support only Intel processors and not PowerPC processors?
Mac OS X Snow Leopard
The core code of an operating system is called __________.
the kernel
You are using e-mail to send a message over the Internet. Which of the following type of software acts like a hook in the operating system to enable sending the e-mail over the Internet?
application programming interface
Which of the following operating systems only comes in a 64-bit version and not a 32-bit version?
Windows Server 2008 R2
The GNOME desktop is a main desktop used in the __________ operating system.
Which of the following operating systems are multitasking systems? (Choose all that apply..
a. Windows NT
b. Windows Vista
c. Mac OS X Snow Leopard
d. Linux
To help manage access to the CPU, programs and processes are assigned which of the following by the operating system?
a priority
Your class is holding a discussion comparing high-end computers to lower-end computers. Some factors that they should mention that help to differentiate these computers include which of the following? (Choose all that apply.)
a. number of CPUs

c. size of the data pathways in the computer
A computer's BIOS is typically stored in __________.
a nonvolatile random access memory chip
Which of the following is performed by the BIOS? (Choose all that apply.).
a. runs the power-on self test
b. starts the operating system
Operating systems that give programs direct access to manipulating hardware are more susceptible to which of the following problems? (Choose all that apply.)
a. malicious software vulnerabilities

c. memory block conflicts that make hardware devices unstable
When you are using a spreadsheet to quickly calculate the total sum of a column of numbers, this is an example of which of the following?
a real-time system
Two examples of cloud computing models are __________ and __________.
Private cloud, Public cloud