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CPA Spanish 1 South America Geography Facts


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La capital de Argentina
Buenos Aires
La capital de Bolivia
Sucre, La Paz
La capital de Chile
La capital de Colombia
La capital de Ecuador
La capital de Paraguay
La capital de Perú
La capital de Uruguay
La capital de Venezuela
Argentina facts
Eva Perón - first lady, tango (dance) originated here, beef and Italian food are a large part of the cuisine, Che Guevara - Marxist revolutionary aligned with Castro, Patagonia here, Iguazú Falls here, Guaraní people here and Paraguay
Bolivia facts
Has the world's most dangerous road, Evo Morales - president who was re-elected twice, Lake Titicaca between Perú and Bolivia - highest navigable lake in the world (altitude), La Paz airport sits at 13,000 ft., the Salt Flats look like a giant mirror when it rains
Chile facts
33 miners were trapped under ground for 69 days, Patagonia here, can go to the beach and skiing in one day (Andes mountains), Cuevas de Marmól here, Easter Island here, Pinochet was a ruthless dictator in Chile for many years
Colombia facts
FARC is a guerrilla movement that controlled much of Colombia for decades, majority of the world's emeralds come from here, arepas popular here and in Venezuela, the myth of El Dorado - man and city made of gold
Ecuador facts
Galápagos Islands - amazing biodiversity, Panama hats originated here, name means "equator," Jim Eliot and four other missionaries killed here by Auca Indians, corn beer is drunk here
Paraguay facts
sopa paraguaya (not really a soup, more like cheesy cornbread), Guaraní Indians are here, Guaraní and Spanish are official languages, 2-3% of population lives in the west (because of rainforest), lost 60% of male population in the War of the Triple Alliance
Perú facts
Machu Picchu is here, built by Inca Indians, Nazca Lines - huge shapes carved in dry dirt, only visible from above, frog juice is drunk here, Lake Titicaca between Perú and Bolivia - highest navigable lake in the world (altitude)
Uruguay facts
1972 rugby team's plane crashed in the Andes Mtns, 16 survived, yerba mate is a popular drink - a bitter tea (also in Argentina), la parrillada - platter of different meat
Venezuela facts
One of the top 10 oil-producing countries in the world, Hugo Chavez was a Socialist president like a dictator, Angel Falls here - tallest waterfall in the world, empanadas and arepas are popular food here